On Hold (O.H. Until probably summer) An attempt to recreate CF's modified WCUSA map & F&D Config Pack

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by Bolt2407_Beamfan, Feb 15, 2022.

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    Nov 16, 2020
    Please note: This map will not have the lights that illuminate the whole highway and the whole track, as it would cause way too much lag for probably 96% of the community. And this will be my first ever map edit, so please don't be too mean. And you will be needing some mods for some of the configurations.

    So what is this project exactly about? This project is a re-creation of @CrashFrontier 's modified WCUSA map, just like it says in the title, also including re-creations of configs from the movie. While not all things are going to be exact, most of the things are going to look identical/similar. (And CF is not comfortable with me re-creating this and tells me to take it down, then sorry but I'll have to.)(I also forgot to save at one point so some photos might be out of date)

    My current progress & comparisons:
    20220215095205_1.jpg 20220215103537_1.jpg upload_2022-2-15_10-47-28.png upload_2022-2-15_10-47-1.png 20220215103618_1.jpg 20220215103641_1.jpg upload_2022-2-15_10-47-41.png upload_2022-2-15_10-48-39.png

    Any help will be appreciated, especially with getting this map as a separate one that doesn't overwrite the WCUSA Lights map. (Yes, it's based on that.)

    What I need help with for now:
    Finding this one lamp post

    Finding this very small building next to the long one:
    -And of course, making this map a separate one.

    (Will repost in the correct thread if this thread is in the wrong section)
    EDIT 19/2/2022: Due to issues I had with BeamNG, I had to re-install the game which resulted in losing all of this progress. This will be on-hold probably until summer since I'm busy with other things in my life. Thank you all for understanding.
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