Unsolved Map load CTD - implicit truncation of vector type

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  1. bob.blunderton

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    Apr 3, 2015
    I am having an issue with my map crashing, specifically, Nevada Interstate, and Deal's Gap / Tail of The Dragon. They both refuse to load, with a shader error. The game logs are far, far too vague and don't tell me what was processed that directly caused the error.

    I've done some looking up searching for that error:




    Original search here:


    All links checked in a cursory manner to ensure they are SAFE FOR WORK, and/or rated in a manner cohesive with this website, however, I am only human.

    Please also excuse if this bug was submitted elsewhere, I can only remember so much, but searching the site yielded nothing.

     30.33357|D|GFXD3D11Shader::_loadCompiledShaderStage|shader compiled with warning(s): C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\BeamNG.drive\cache.\shaders\procedural\6195287ac22d2f77_V.hlsl(93,4-63): warning X3206: implicit truncation of vector type
    C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\BeamNG.drive\cache.\shaders\procedural\6195287ac22d2f77_V.hlsl(94,4-63): warning X3206: implicit truncation of vector type
     30.37501|D|GFXD3D11Shader::_loadCompiledShaderStage|shader compiled with warning(s): C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\BeamNG.drive\cache.\shaders\procedural\1ee91f13a6618a50_V.hlsl(86,4-63): warning X3206: implicit truncation of vector type
    C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\BeamNG.drive\cache.\shaders\procedural\1ee91f13a6618a50_V.hlsl(87,4-63): warning X3206: implicit truncation of vector type
     30.49901|W|DDSFile::readHeader|DDSFile::readHeader - using uncompressed texture [levels/hiway2/ART/TERRAINS/dirtNevada_detail.dds]
     30.49904|E|DDSFile::readHeader|DDSFile::readHeader - only RGB formats are supported! [levels/hiway2/ART/TERRAINS/dirtNevada_detail.dds]
     30.53345|W|DDSFile::readHeader|DDSFile::readHeader - using uncompressed texture [levels/hiway2/ART/TERRAINS/rockflat_detail.dds]
     30.53347|E|DDSFile::readHeader|DDSFile::readHeader - only RGB formats are supported! [levels/hiway2/ART/TERRAINS/rockflat_detail.dds]
     30.53588|W|DDSFile::readHeader|DDSFile::readHeader - using uncompressed texture [levels/hiway2/ART/TERRAINS/rockflat_macro.dds]
     30.53589|E|DDSFile::readHeader|DDSFile::readHeader - only RGB formats are supported! [levels/hiway2/ART/TERRAINS/rockflat_macro.dds]
     31.95403|E|Crashreport|*** Trying to get Lua callstack
     31.95405|E|Crashreport|*** this is not the error, look above
     31.95407|E|GELua.main_static|Lua C++ CrashRpt stacktrace
    Attached shaders that it says are causing the issue. Game was run with the BeamNG hosted version of Nevada Interstate. Interestingly, Tail of The Dragon has the same issue.
    --Just hope this helps.

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  2. Nadeox1

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    Spinning Cube
    BeamNG Team

    Aug 5, 2012
  3. bob.blunderton

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    Apr 3, 2015
    Support ID: 46376

    Only mods that are installed are a few map mods, mostly mine and a few from people I have contact with.
    Oddly the 1st time it loads, It almost completely loads in, the car shows, the meshes and map start to appear and a few seconds goes by and POOF. I've even tried removing all the old PNG based normals (which aren't officially supported anymore), and that didn't change a thing with the symptoms (except make about 2 megs worth of errors in the log about missing material stuff).
    This is affecting: Nevada Interstate (current version on server) and Tail of the Dragon / Deal's Gap (current version on server) map mods. I'd love to know what's wrong here, so people can play them, before they come for me with pitch forks & chanting 'Off with his head!'.

    --Thanks Nadeox!
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