Leap of Death mod - crashed onto the bridge

Discussion in 'Videos, Screenshots and other Artwork' started by Barkfin, Feb 16, 2020.

  1. Barkfin

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    Feb 16, 2020
    So I just got BeamNG today because I saw this video by Jimmy Broadbent in which he rolled up "Leap of Death" mod map. It looked so amazing, I just had to try it myself. The map is still here!
    So of course I tried it right away with the blue jeep and made it up absolutely no problem, got to the top in daylight although shadows were becoming long. Holy smokes, I wish I had made a video because now I'm trying it a second time and it's nearly impossible!!!! I have no idea how I solved it so easily the first time.

    Anyway I tried it with the crawler jeep this time, a bit easier because of more power but also quite a lot harder due to the wide tire track. Nevertheless, I made it, however it began to turn nighttime just as I was leaving the crossroads area (and full night before that second "trap" before the final ramp). Nevertheless, I made it! I used high beams.

    But here's a funny thing, I jumped off the ramp a couple times, and this last time I landed my flaming wreck directly onto the bridge. It looked really cool so I fired up photo mode and made a bunch of pics. And here they are!

    screenshot_2020-02-16_01-36-48.png screenshot_2020-02-16_01-37-05.png screenshot_2020-02-16_01-37-25.png screenshot_2020-02-16_01-39-34.png screenshot_2020-02-16_01-40-28.png screenshot_2020-02-16_01-40-43.png screenshot_2020-02-16_01-41-10.png screenshot_2020-02-16_01-41-30.png
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