Jupiter Motors: Easter Safari Concepts 2021

Discussion in 'Automation' started by BrunoTheMerlin, Dec 11, 2021.

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    Aug 5, 2018
    (WARNING: These models are not confirmed for release, but will be worked on later for ''production'' versions in 2022. This is a homage to my favorite automobile manufacturer Jeep.)

    Jupiter Motor's Easter Safari 2021
    Boy oh boy it's been a rough year, didn't you think? Well here's something I've put together for fun to change our minds a bit. Jupiter Motors is announcing it's first ''Easter Safari Concepts'' post! No more talking, let's have a look and be sure to comment about your favorite concept!

    Jupiter Fighter SWB ''Hero Edition Concept''
    Ever dreamed of a SWB 2-door Gladi..Fighter? Well say no more, you've got it right in front of you. The Hero Edition concept is equiped with a Jupiter 5.4L V8 developing around 490hp. Small nice farm but rough terrain? Small budget but need that 4x4 Small pickup? This one wouldn't hurt you.

    Jupiter Fighter SWB ''Elite-2 Concept (Suntan Fascia)''
    The main idea behind this one was to take the Hero Edition Concept down to Florida, or Beverly Hills, wherever the sun and nightclubs are still a thing without losing the off-roading skills.

    Jupiter Contender LWB 2dr ''Nightmare Edition Concept''
    Man did we need a V8 beast in this list.. Not sure if the name Nightmare comes from how intimidating it is in the public streets or how scary it is to press the throttle. Of course, we also needed square headlights back, looks better after all..don't you think?

    Jupiter Contender LWB 2dr ''Elite-S Concept''
    ''Whoa whoa whoa it looks the same as the Nightmare Concept'' no amigo, This one is equipped with the standard 4.0L V6t from Jupiter Motors BUT has 3-rows inside AKA 8 places. Let's say its more ''safety friendly''.

    That is all for now folks! Hope you guys will enjoy this small ''bonus'' thread of mine. I might plan showing a few more concepts before the end of 2021. Stay safe and happy holidays! :)
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    Apr 29, 2017
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    Apr 20, 2021
    like to see the new wrangler
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