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    Jan 18, 2016
    Hello. I am a modder who wants to make a license plate for

    I am making a Korean Licenseplate Pack which includes entire kinds of the plate. But I got a problem. There is no function that adjusts the scale separately of the font in license plate in the BeamNG License Plate Generator, as a script of "licenseplate-default.json". So I need to give a request to add an independent scale adjust system for that.
        "format": {
          "30-15": { //US
            "size": {
              "x": 512,
              "y": 256
            "text": {
              "x": 0.50,
              "y": 0.35,
              "x2": 0.5,
              "y2": 0.8,
              "scale": 0.8,
              "scale2": 1.2,
              "color": "black",
              "limit": 3,
              "limit2": 6

    Current System doesn't Support this style, and it overwrites value of "scale2"(the scale of the second row), makes the size the same as the first row. What I wish for developers is to add a function that sets the second-row scale with "scale2". Can you devs do this work?

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