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Discussion in 'Ideas and Suggestions' started by KèrozéN, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. KèrozéN

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    Feb 14, 2014
    Hello to the community and developers:
    Today, the games is now 4 years old of development behind him (or more).
    In spite of the progress and the great innovation of this last.
    I am astonished not to see classical things and technically feasible,
    like the panels of doors and the detachable windshields;
    that does not seem so complicated to make parts except for whole of them, but I am surely mistaken.
    Another point in connection with the bumpers which have difficulty becoming deformed,
    even with large impact. It happens that they keep their form of origin whereas behind,
    the car are completely destroyed. to see tearing in two parts would be amusing.
    There is also the painting which remains clean and new in any circumstance;
    that is in the event of shock, or of off-road, no stripes and traces of ground or mud.
    Even thing for the tires which remain clean in spite of the dirtying ground.
    What are damage also, it is that the parts such as the driveshaft where carding disappear instead of becoming deformed or to be detached.
    I find all that misses on a simulator of this scale, and I hope of any heart that the updates futures
    will change these aspect to bring this games to the levels of those of its time.
    I also benefit from it
    to congratulate the developers for the colossal work already carried out on the games, and I hope that will continue.

    I will also like to speak about another point, which seems to me already more complicate to solve that the points quoted above;
    the fact that the engine is indestructible in all circumstance, and that parts such as, the turbo one, the filter air, the admission and other parts mechanics are not detachable.

    I do not have a great English control, therefore I give also the text in French to help you.
    Also prevent me if the text are incomprehensible, I will endeavour to make a new translation,
    thank you for your attention.

    Aujourd'hui, le jeux a maintenant 4 ans de développement derrière lui (ou plus).
    Malgré le progrès et la grande innovation de ce dernier, je suis étonné de ne pas voir des choses classiques et techniquement faisable, comme les panneaux de portes et les pare-brise détachable;
    ça ne semble pas si compliqué d'en faire des pièces à part entière, mais je me trompe surement.
    Un autre point à propos des pare-chocs qui ont du mal à se déformer, même avec de gros impact. Il arrive qu'ils gardent leur forme d'origine alors que derrière, la voiture es complètement détruite. les voir se déchirer en deux parties serait amusant.
    Il y a aussi la peinture qui reste propre et neuve en toute circonstance; que ça soit en cas de choc, ou de tout-terrain, aucune rayures et trace de terre ou de boue. Même chose pour les pneus qui restent propre malgré le sol salissant.
    Ce qui es dommage aussi, c'est que les pièces tels que l'arbre de transmission où les cardant disparaissent au lieu de se déformer ou de se détacher.
    Je trouve tout cela manque sur un simulateur de cette envergure, et j’espère de tout cœur que les mises à jour futurs changerons ces aspect pour amener ce jeux aux niveaux de ceux de son époque.
    J'en profite aussi pour féliciter les développeurs pour le travail colossal déjà effectué sur le jeux, et j’espère que cela va continuer.

    PS: j'aimerai aussi parler d'un autre point, qui me semble déjà plus compliqué à solutionner que les points cités ci-dessus; le fait que le moteur soit indestructible en toutes circonstance, et que les pièces tels que, le turbo, le filtre à air, l’admission et autres pièces mécanique ne soient pas détachable.
  2. DriftinCovet1987

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    Apr 14, 2016
    The problem with most, if not all, of the bigger features you request is that they may cause even more lag on computers than Beam's physics already does.

    -The reason why development has been slow in comparison to other games is that BeamNG is a very small company. Therefore, they don't really have the manpower to go out and make a game every two years unlike some other companies (*cough* Forza Crashfest *cough*).

    Okay, I don't even understand a bit of all. We've already got removable door panels for a load of cars through the parts menu, and windshields can also be removed through "Glass" in the parts menu.

    The problem with this is that there would have to be more nodes in the front end, thereby increasing the amount of data that has to be calculated in a crash and increasing the lag. It also would affect the driving physics by potentially making the cars too soft for realistic driving.

    Dirt/paint scratches is a highly-requested feature by most players, and several of them may have some plausible ideas for how this may work. Use the search bar for this.

    As for the others...


    That's a mod that you're basing this game's deformation physics off of. That's the ETK S-Series made by NinetyNine, and I reckon that any stock BeamNG car would have had its bumper deformed there.
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  3. stbest95

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    Aug 5, 2013
    i agree about detachable windscreens.
    making it a seperate part like the doors or hood would prevent the weird stretched out windshield you get in fast crashes.

    "it would cause more lag" seems to be the standard response to any suggestion in this forum but i dont think that is always true.

    a larger vehicle like the t-series would still be much more cpu-intensive than a normal car with a detachable windscreen and deformable driveline.
    those things would not add that much comlexity in terms of jbeam.
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