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[Fixed]Tech Demo V2 crashing when using GPU, but not with integrated graphics

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting: Bugs, Questions and Support' started by Verenikin, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. Verenikin

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    Jun 4, 2015
    FIXED. Rolled back to a driver from last year, fixed this.


    I recently downloaded the Tech Demo to test if BeamNG would work with my computer, but I cannot make it work with my Geforce GT 750M GPU. It runs on my integrated graphics, but obviously at a far lower FPS with low settings, which is not acceptable for me.
    If I launch the game after disabling my GPU, and then alt+tab out of it and enable my GPU, it will crash as soon as I get back into the game.
    Here is my log:

    //-------------------------- 6/4/2015 -- 18:48:19 -----
    reading file to find out user directory: C:/Users/Verenikin/Desktop/BeamNG-Techdemo-v2/userPath.ini
    Success: read new user folder: C:/Users/Verenikin/Desktop/BeamNG-Techdemo-v2/user
    Processor Init:
    Intel (unknown), ~2.20 Ghz
    FPU detected
    MMX detected
    SSE detected
    SSE2 detected
    HT detected
    MP detected [4 cores, 8 logical, 1 physical]

    Math Init:
    Installing Standard C extensions
    Installing Assembly extensions
    Installing FPU extensions
    Installing MMX extensions
    Installing SSE extensions

    Initializing platform...
    Input Init:
    XInput enabled.
    DirectInput: setting Leds failed: leds unsupported
    gamepad0 input device created.
    gamepad0 input device acquired.
    DirectInput enabled.

    H2 6742E2BB52-D4C9-0496-6A30-AAB4-B562
    *** TorqueBeamEngine created ***
    BEAMNG| system reloaded
    BEAMNG| *******************
    BEAMNG| *** TECHDEMO v2 ***
    BEAMNG| *******************
    BEAMNG| T3D Lua working
    BEAMNG| { "GridMap" }
    DebugDrawer Enabled!
    GFX Init:
    Direct 3D (version 9.x) device found

    command line args:
    - 0 = C:\Users\Verenikin\Desktop\BeamNG-Techdemo-v2\Bin32\BeamNG.Drive.x86.exe
    0.906679|--------- Loading DIRS ---------
    0.907435|Missing file: levels/main.cs!
    0.907475|Error: Unable to find specified directory: levels
    0.915332|--------- Parsing Arguments ---------
    0.973250|Binding server port to default IP
    0.973389|UDP initialized on port 0
    0.973420|no Oculus Rift support :(
    0.973502|Attempting to create GFX device 0: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 on Generic PnP Monitor #1 (D3D9) [with output \\.\DISPLAY7]
    0.973529|shader model: 3.0 , available monitor size: 22
    0.979336|Device created, setting adapter and enumerating modes
    0.988621|AntialiasLevel: 4,BitDepth: 32,FullScreen: 1, RefreshRate: 60, Resolution: 1920, wideScreen: 1080
    0.988652|Win32Window::setVideoMode - invoking curtain
    #1 Verenikin, Jun 4, 2015
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2015
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