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    Jun 10, 2020
    ! HELP NEEDED ! i want to make descriptions for all the cars in my config because there are none. how do i do so?

    Right now there are 5 somewhat basic configs, and I will keep updating the ZIP file whenever i make a new config. Mods required.
    ↑El Túrbo
    ↑La Guagua q es Rápida
    ↑Gavril Hauler
    This beauty is somewhat based off of a v10 Ford Excursion, except it has upgraded internals and 2 extra cylinders. It has a turbocharger boosting up to more than 13 psi, which is probably more than enough to propel this already fast SUV even faster. It has, get ready, 1300 HORSEPOWER and 1500 LB•FT OF TORQUE!! If you wanted to, you can tow a tanker trailer of gasoline to your local gas station because this isn't really an efficient truck (why are you even looking for MPG in THIS kind of truck??) I don't know the 0-60 time of this art piece but it sure is fast!
    ↑Super Bee Custom (1970)
    I love this car. That's all I will say.

    *Descriptions for cars without them will come soon, or when I have the time and motivation.*

    1. extract the zip file to your desktop.
    2. dig into the folders until you get to the folders containing the .png and .pc files
    3. open the vehicles folder THAT IS LOCATED IN YOUR USERFOLDER and open the folder corresponding to the car you've selected in my folder
    new folder containing my configs:

    MODS REQUIRED(and used):
    RK's Highly customizable engines
    @MC-H 's Dodge Coronet (for the Super Bee Custom (1970)

    Don't know how to install a mod? Watch the video below. ↓

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