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Discussion in 'Terrains, Levels, Maps' started by bob.blunderton, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. bob.blunderton

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    Apr 3, 2015

    Fixed/lowered draw calls by re-doing these pieces in a mosaic (all in one texture) with reflectors included. The new pieces are from the car to the left, old one to the right (in front of) the vehicle.
    The best of the change is at night though! No more ugly seams (you can still sometimes see them but it's much more difficult to see them now, and they're much improved).

    This buys the map another 5+fps or so in the most intense areas, but that fluctuates from run to run, sometimes. Curbs are MUCH less likely to eat tires now, too!

    "But Bob, those pieces were done already, why did you do them AGAIN?"
    ...Well, good point, but look at one of the old pieces - a slope piece I haven't done yet - here:

    See that lighter more speckled one, without reflectors, that's how bad it looked at night, and this is why.
    The piece also won't look bad if you rotate them 180 degrees and connect them, for example, with a driveway on one side, the center turn lane texture will no-longer mismatch from one piece to the next.

    This should be much more eye-pleasing!
    Correct FPS this time, was 61~63 FPS (I'm running two screens atm) yesterday, now is 66~71.x FPS.
    Definitely have some draw calls issues I'm sorting out. I had one spot I found that was up to 5500!!! That's way bad, about 2000 units too high. That's what kills FPS. More goodness on the way in the coming days.
    For those waiting on pieces of the modular road kit, it'll be another day or two. Hopefully by Saturday night I can get some of those pieces uploaded. Shouldn't take too terribly much more to finish that set.

    It's almost below 4000 draw calls here, which is the goal, over 4000 = bad!
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  2. SHOme1289

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    Nov 5, 2013
    the new roads looks way better than the old ones, IMO definitely worth the time and effort. The transitions being visible was very noticeable, so that being solved will make the aesthetic much more pleasing to the eye. cant wait for the new update, still waiting on new CPU and GPU (hopefully coming in today)
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  3. zysom

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    Aug 11, 2018
    dose this map have rail ways for trains?
  4. Username

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    Aug 2, 2013
    Every time I check in on this map, it keeps getting better and better. Can't wait man, haven't been this excited since the game first launched and new content would appear almost daily, lol. Keep it up! :D
  5. bob.blunderton

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    Apr 3, 2015
    The Bob can't possibly agree more than he already does!
    Yes they were very noticeable at the joints! I really didn't like that - and on-top of that, the new reflectors will make it much easier to drive at night as you can see further ahead. Reflectors might be hard to see without 1080p - or even with, sometimes they don't show up very readily as they're but a pixel or two at moderate distance. Hopefully 4k gets mainstream sooner than later! I have to smooth some of the edges on the slope pieces, but that should only take a few minutes (I may or may not be able to get the edges 100% on those), but at-least the joints won't be bright (or really dark) lines at night or whenever using headlights. I will be working all the pieces to be like that in time. Reflectors will also be built into more pieces on the next version as I go through and double-check for superfluous draw-calls slowing things down. Driving at night looked AWFUL at best and ABSOLUTELY INEXCUSABLY HIDEOUS at worst - okay for 'free' but *NOT ACCEPTABLE* for a community funded project. Where I would have scoffed it off as 'oh well' before, I can't do that now. I'm not the 'Mr. Haney' of mappers (kudos if you get the Green Acres reference, the show is hysterical if you watch enough of it) here to pawn rubbish onto a vulnerable community. This is supposed to be 'The real deal' here, not some shady car lot sham, so rest assured, I work hours a day on this, and doing the utmost best job I can.

    These pieces aren't just for this map, they aren't just for my maps, they're for everyone to use when this map hits servers. The MRK (modular road kit) pieces are basically donation-ware. If I let you realize your dreams as a mapper, donate to it, that sort of thing, but if you're under-age and obviously don't have credit cards or a bank account, well, who's to knock that as I was there once (I always worked, even as a kid though, but most aren't unlucky enough to be born into a family concrete foundation construction business, during hard times). We sure earned out 1980's and early 90's Nintendos though, and we always had some cash in our pockets. Too bad there was no internet until I was about 14 though.
    I want for the pieces in this map, to basically allow anyone to be able to build a city of their dreams, or to be able to even reconstruct specific intersections as close as possible, to re-create vehicle accidents (even for court room demonstrations or insurance purposes). Basically, this kit is to improve the community. It's so that no one else has to go ahead and make a 'better' one in the future (unless they really really want to) and so that I can use it as building block(s) in the future, for even better things. It needs a good start though - or everything else is rubbish. I've learned a lot in my 6 months of doing modeling, and now 3 years of mapping (as it was December 2015 when I first started deliberately buckling roads in Desert Highway to launch cars off of like in the video on Youtube). It's time to put that to good use and really make something.

    Put some more work into improving the road kit for the Collector roads. I will be doing the pieces for the non-delineated set that matches tomorrow or Sunday, and giving the intersections the go-over if they need anything, then (I hope they don't they could take a day in and among themselves). The overlays for left turn lanes (to convert center turn lane near intersections) need to be done yet, too. All the straight, slope, and driveway (lot access) pieces are done however. They surely *DO* look worlds better and are almost at the 'professional AAA level' from my eyes, and that's not jaded by me making it.

    There's no left turn at this intersection because there's a giant mountain there, oh and no road (to the left, it's just a T intersection, to go straight or turn right onto a side-road). Smashing into the mountain is totally up to you though.

    There's a joint between the first two sets of reflectors, and you can't even see it. You can just make them out though on the slope pieces, a little finessing and they'll be just fine though.
    Each piece thus far that I've re-done is completely down to *one* draw call *AND* the normals and specular graphics are already done and in-place in the game. This is helping reduce the CPU-load within the map's developed areas (actually everywhere but more-so in busy spots), while looking even better, and the road striping (read: lines/delineation/lane demarcation) is no-longer off-scale (it was too small/narrow before).

    Other fellow mappers that want this specific road kit should strongly consider contacting me in the near future, to get on the mailer for the 'Collector 5-lane road kit' when it gets uploaded.

    As an added bonus it even looks nice in the daytime (though the reflectors may seem dark in the daytime, they light up when headlights shine on them at night). They don't 'emit' light they only reflect it back, as just like in real life, they mirror the light back at the player (as they 'face' the player, even though they're technically a flat surface on this road set). The highways have 3d surface-applied reflectors, where as the city road kits they are the typical type that are placed into a specific groove that's milled into the roadway for this purpose (those are used more commonly in the northern states, so snowplows don't remove them from the roadway).
    --That is all.
    --- Post updated ---
    Yes, yes it does have railway for trains - and 2+ miles of subway (I'm guess this distance, it's close), with two underground stations and one sunken station just at the far end of the tunnel. It functions 100% to the best of my ability to test it, and it has rail crossings that won't eat tires unless you try really hard and drive the car in the direction the train is supposed to go, in-stead of perpendicular to the track (as the road goes). There's even angled crossings, too. It's the same track width/dimensions as the existing rail tracks in this game & Rig of Rods.
    For any skilled mappers, there's kits of this track available on this website uploaded by myself a few months ago, you'd have to know how to work with materials.cs and set up your own map, though.
    There will be much more subway, and different stations, when I am further along with this project. Trains are available in the forums>mods>vehicles>land portion of this website.

    Thanks buddy, it means a lot coming from you (not that others are less important by any means), but you've been with my projects a while, since near the beginning (or even then) of when I started mapping. My things have come such a long way since Nevada Interstate. No one would have ever known I could or did mapping in this game if Ouerbacker didn't let me mod and publish the old 'Black Hills' map into Nevada Interstate. That map will get some good TLC one day though. One day when I have the time. I don't just keep a full plate, I keep an army's worth of rations flowing at me by the truck-load.
    I am giving it my best shot here, as I want to do this for a living one day. In 2016, what I am doing now, was like every day for the past 30 years since I played my first video game (Donkey Kong in the arcade cabinet, at a Perkins around 1986 or so). I could only have dreamed of making a video game. Now if I can just get all this goodness out of my skull and into this game, everyone will benefit. Much thanks goes out to this community. I will gladly put myself through pain and misery that is game development without much documentation (I'm not upset, I love doing this), for those grateful folks who have been following along this thread. The gratitude and generally awesome community/developers here make it all worth while. Sure beats just playing games, that's for sure.

    If anyone has other questions, I'll periodically be around this weekend to answer them (as always).
    Next Beta, When???
    No, there will likely not be a beta out until after we get a game update (two weeks? I am hazarding a guess here, I don't know more than the developers told me from their posts here though, and nothing's a promise in game development). I'd rather not upload a map beta within a week of a game update. This game has a nasty habit of updating within a half hour or hour of me starting a several-hour-long upload. From the best I've heard from the developer's posts, it should be worth the wait and packed full of awesome. Keep fingers crossed!

    Those who sign up for this map's Patreon early-beta access, between now and my next upload, will get the current version that came out about two weeks ago until the new one goes up. Will do best to get a new version out before Chris Mess or New Years, but that's dependent on when the game-update hits, and how much it eats my map.
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