Released 2020 Land Rover Defender (Update: 5/10: Hotfix)

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    Welcome to the Land Rover Defender 110 Gen 2 for BeamNG!

    (170 Mb)

    screenshot_2022-02-01_23-02-03.png screenshot_2022-02-01_23-06-01.png screenshot_2022-02-01_23-03-54.png screenshot_2022-01-18_09-29-25.png
    Here are some of the features of the mod:
    • 3D model port from Forza Horizon 5 (Defender 110X), with Cherier Tograc mechanicals and drivetrain, and adapted jbeaming
    • Added custom textures, full lighting support, including interior buttons (with flashing hazard button), front and rear foglights and animated signal stalk
    • Realistic weight and engine figures (up to a certain point at least)
    • 40 configs based on real life trims, as well as special configs based on off-road and road performance, including:
      • Hard Top Commercial version (With custom body and interior)
      • RHD and USDM versions
      • Police Polizia version (With police equipment and Belasco PD/Polizia skin)
      • V8, 007 Edition, 75th Limited Edition, and No Time do Die stunt car.
      • Package configs based on real life Land Rover offerings
      • Bowler Defender Cup inspired config, and Land Rover/Camel Trophy configs
      • Fantasy Off-Road, V8 Custom, Drag and Broken configs
    • Air suspension standard on higher trims, with controls to raise or lower the suspension
    • Shiftlogic mod by @default0.0player implemented in all transmissions
    • Realistic suspension model based on the real car, with the following Terrain Response modes to choose from:
      • Comfort
      • Grass/Gravel/Snow
      • Mud & Ruts
      • Sand
      • Rock Crawl
    • Custom real color choices, with 3-zone paint (main body, roof, plastics) including the following:
      • Gondwana Stone Metallic
      • Fuji White
      • Indus Silver
      • Eiger Grey
      • Pangea Green
      • Santorini Black
      • Carpathian Grey
      • Hakuba Silver
      • Lantau Bronze
      • Silicon Silver
      • Yulong White
      • Olive
      • Grasmere Green
    • Custom interior color skin schemes, with the following options (see below for pics of some of them):
      • Basic Ebony
      • Ebony
      • Ebony 75th (In Grasmere Green)
      • Acorn
      • Khaki
      • Light Oyster
      • Vintage Tan
      • X Ebony
      • X Khaki
      • X Acorn
      • X Vintage Tan
      • V8 Ebony
      • V8 Vintage Tan
    • Optional middle seat (standard in the Hard Top, replacing the console)
    • Multiple front bumper options (With Black, Metal, Paintable options and more for the main bumper, grill, underguard, grill bar...)
    • Two headlight options (LED and Premium LED) with accurate lighting pattern for each one, as well as realistic DRL, signaling and lowbeam/highbeam functions
    • Three rear bumper options (Silver, Grey and Black) as well as options for having hooks attached or covers
    • Different mufflers for I4, V8, and the rest of engines
    • Accurate rear badging for each engine/trim as well as optional black Defender badging
    • All OEM rim options included: (see below for pics of each one)
      • 5093 18" Steel
        • Gloss White
      • 5094 18" Style 5 Spoke
        • Satin Dark Grey
      • 6009 19" Style 6 Spoke
        • Gloss Silver Finish
      • 6010 19" Style 6 Spoke
        • Gloss Silver Finish
        • Gloss Black
      • 5094 20" Style 5 Spoke
        • Gloss Silver Finish
        • Satin Dark Grey
      • 5095 20" Style 5 Spoke
        • Satin Dark Grey
        • Silver/Satin Dark Grey
      • 5098 20" Style 5 Spoke
        • Gloss Silver Finish
        • Satin Dark Grey
        • Silver/Black
        • Body Colored
      • 6011 20" Style 6 Spoke
        • Gloss Black
      • 5098 22" Style 5 Spike (With Defender Logo)
        • Gloss Silver Finish
        • Gloss Black
        • Satin Dark Grey
    • Normal, sport, and off-road tyres in all sizes are available for the stock rims
    • Optional official Land Rover accesories:
      • Cross Bars (VPLER0178)
      • Expedition Roof Rack (VPLER0181)
      • Deployable Roof Ladder (VPLER0189)
      • Exterior Side-Mounted Gear Carrier (VPLEP0437)
      • Front Expedition Protection System (VPLE90FEP02)
      • Wheel Arch Protection (Plastic, Gloss Plastic and Paintable) (VPLEP0379)
      • Matte Bonnet Decal (VPLEB0438)
      • Spare Wheel Cover (Both in Silver and Black) (VPLEW0143)
      • Raised Air Intake (Functional) (VPLEP0435)
    • Two roof options (With and without panoramic roof, being colorable on their own)
    • Spare Rims for the back tailgate, with the choice of the official spare cover in several colors, or any of the stock wheels
    • Two steering wheel options (Silverand Black)
    • Three optional taillights (Paintable Trim, USDM and Clear)
    • Two exterior handles options (Body-Colored and Black)
    • Three rear steps options (Silver, V8 Satin Grey and Black)
    • Two roof lining options (Light Oyster Morzine and Ebony Morzine)
    • Two roof element options (Plastic and Black for interior mirror, sunvisors and central dome)
    • Two Land Rover body badges options (Normal and Grey)
    • Three hood Defender options (Normal, Grey and Black)
    • Optional rear tinted glass
    • Optional colorable parts: (The standard choice is black plastic, depending on config)
      • Headlights frames
      • Trim above tailights + Tailights
      • Bumpers and door trim
      • A pillar trims
      • Exterior mirrors
      • Hood trim
    • Custom brakes for the V8 (With special look and color)
    • Custom sounds for the V8
    • Optional off-road tires for all stock rims
    • Several engine choices:
      • 2.0L D200 I4 Diesel
      • 2.0L D240 I4 Diesel
      • 2.0L P300 I4
      • 3.0L D200 I6 Diesel
      • 3.0L D250 I6 Diesel
      • 3.0L D300 I6 Diesel
      • 3.0L P400 I6
      • 5.0L P525 V8
    • Digital gauges for all trims and configs (Metric, Imperial, Diesel...) with actual Land Rover fonts
    • Integrated BeamNG GPS system, with choices for both regular and big screen
    • Rear locking diff, and a high and low range 4WD transfercase.
    • Support for my european plates mod (yellow back plates available)
    • Support for official game accesories such as
      • Steering Wheels
      • Police Concealed Lights
      • Rollcage
      • Running Boards
      • Rock Sliders
      • Racing Seats
      • Tow Hitch
      • Off-Road Front Bumper Mudflaps
      • Roof Rack with Loads (Fridge, Sofa...)
    • Optional skins (black hood, and 110 decals on hood and C-pillars)
    • UV Template maps included in the mod folder for both the regular body and the hardtop body, so you can create your own skins
    screenshot_2022-01-03_23-18-02.png screenshot_2022-01-02_00-49-52.png screenshot_2022-01-02_00-59-14.png screenshot_2022-02-15_22-44-27.png screenshot_2022-02-16_22-58-54.png screenshot_2022-01-02_01-12-32.png screenshot_2022-01-16_22-53-31.png screenshot_2022-01-15_00-09-33.png

    All the available rims and some of the interior colors:​

    screenshot_2022-02-07_18-43-28.png screenshot_2022-02-07_18-40-23.png screenshot_2022-02-07_18-43-01.png screenshot_2022-02-07_19-26-30.png screenshot_2022-02-20_23-22-56.png screenshot_2022-04-05_22-25-57.png screenshot_2022-04-22_22-12-07.png rimrim.jpg

    screenshot_2022-02-08_22-35-25.png screenshot_2022-02-08_22-35-40.png screenshot_2022-02-08_22-37-52.png screenshot_2022-02-08_22-37-31.png


    How to install:
    -Download the attached zip file at the beggining or the bottom of the post
    -Put it into your local mods folder (C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\\0.24\mods)
    -I recommend using SkipperPlay's Russian Plate mod for a complete experience

    Issues with textures/any weird behaviour in the mod ?:
    -Delete any previous files/folders from the mods, perform a cache deep cleaning, download the latest version and try again
    -Please check no other mods might be interfering with this one

    Can I get the UV templates to create custom skins?:
    -As stated in the features list, you'll find these two files within the mod folder:
    They are the templates for the normal body, and the hardtop body (in where the area where the quarter rear windows are in the normal one is a paintable/skinnable area in the hardtop)

    Will a 90 version be done?:
    Due to my lack of proper modelling skills, plans are cancelled for the short 90 version, it has been tried before but the quality was far from the standards set for the mod.​

    LAST UPDATED: 05/10/2022 @ 21:37 GMT

    Review by @jackomac43

    Review by Neilogical:

    Test Drive by @CrashHard

    Hope you like it! :)

    Credits (Besides me):

    -Turn 10 Studios/Playground Games: Original body and interior mesh
    -BeamNG: Cherier underpinnings, jbeams and some textures and parts
    -Kunos Simulazioni: V8 Sounds
    -dumpling: Suspensions, Terrain Response, configs, fixes, new features and more
    -Agent_Y: Fixing wheel hubs, air suspension
    -Marcel/Zuweisung: Working needle gauges, gauges main fixing and polishing
    -CarTMatt: Adding parts, sounds, configs and more
    -Dönerfreak: Realistic Headlight mod & Shiftlogic mod implementation
    -PabloMM: Helping fixing bugs and adding missing features
    -PostmortemSlayer: Realistic Headlight mod
    -default0.0player: Shiftlogic mod
    -Xupaun: Active differentials
    -baarry5444: Fixing steering wheel rotation, new colors
    -nachtstiel: Off-Road suspension tuning and suspension fixes
    -Shadows: Bowler skin
    -lukastoh: Camel skin
    -schnitzer.: Engine options
    -J777: Adding configs

    Hi! :)

    I decided to create a thread for my current WIP project, the current-gen Land Rover Defender, before it's finished, so with that in mind, first things first, I'm going to state the following basic rules:

    NO, I don't have anything near close to a release date, it will be available when it's done, but no idea when.
    NO, I don't accept suggestions, and no extra parts or configs will be done, at least by me.
    YES, I'm looking for help in order to improve and refine quality and looks, so if you are willing to help, please DM' me for further contact both via Discord or more DM's.
    With that out of the way, let's dig in!

    So yes, let's also state the obvious, this is a port of the Land Rover Defender 110X P400 from Forza Horizon 5, doing it from scratch is 100% out of my bounds, but the idea is to go as far as possible from a simple, quick and easy meshslap. In fact, the job is now harder than any previous efforts since FH5 models are currently in beta status, and most textures are not available, and that's being a big chunk of the effort in order to recreate as much as possible without getting crazy (the model has like 20 different types of plastic for example...) but the goal is to make it look as close as possible, with PBR textures and skin support. Thankfully the original UV Mapping is still there, which is a big relief...oh, I can't share any % of the process in each area, since to be honest, I don't have any idea of what to say here ;)

    The current status is as you see in the above picture, right now I'm working in creating new textures and deleting the old ones, checking every single one and joining as much as possible without making huge differences, and of course, I still need to create the textures from scratch, so that's a couple of days or even weeks in the worst-case scenario to get that done. The idea is to halt further in-game process until the textures are done, so every bit it's added is ready to go looks-wise, just pending jbeam checking.

    Since Forza models are too basic looking underneath, and mechanics are a lot of work, I decided to 'cut corners' by adapting the whole mechanical undersides of the Cherier Tograc, and after some tweaking in order to adapt the dimensions to the body, I'm happy to say it's working really well. Wheels are also final, just pending the rims textures. BTW, the engine mesh (since Forza only models the visible top) is from the Vivace as well, but it's configured as an ETK I6 engine, pending tuning to make it have the same specs as the real engine...yet another thing I might need with!

    The jbeaming is as good as I can get with my current knowledge, the beams go to every corner of the body, and the hood, which is the only panel added so far in-game, was adapted by adding extra nodes/beams/triangles to follow the shape better...but after a crash, it spikes like crazy, so that's one area I would please need help with, especially after more parts are added.

    screenshot_2021-12-19_12-41-33.png screenshot_2021-12-19_12-40-11.png
    The interior has been imported just to have a more complete look so far, even though the textures are still being worked on, but good thing is not only the GPS is at least working (I would want to modify it a bit so it resembles the real car UI a bit more) and the best for last, I also got the digital gauges working (including the gear indicator and speed) ...but the needles don't work. So, something more I would please need help with ;)

    screenshot_2021-12-19_12-39-19.png screenshot_2021-12-19_12-39-29.png
    Aaaaaand...I think that's enough text for the time being. Again, don't expect more progress in a couple of days as I work on the textures (hopefully the next WIP update will be with the textures working) but I wanted to share the work done so far, and also of course ask for people interested in the project so there is plenty of time for those who want to help to talk and share files.

    Hopefully when done, it will be even better than I think, but until that day comes, because it will, please remember, be patient. I know some hype could be set, but begging will not make work go faster at all.

    As a final pic, a Blender capture which shows everything using the new materials, just the lights and some glass to go. But since the files don't exist yet, not much to show right now...


    More updates to come soon! :)


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  2. SKB

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    Apr 22, 2017
    Finn's procyon has competition! Les goo
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  3. Tntmanfr

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    Apr 12, 2021
    It looks awesome !
    I agree ! ;)
  4. Agent_Y

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    Jul 10, 2020
    So the Jbeam is scratch made? If the nodes are just to every corner, then it has no way to deform in between. Not to metion this way you can't even simulate the weight and stiffnes distribution, crumple zones, etc. I would *REALLY* advise you to look how it's done in the Tograc, or maybe even base the Jbeam on modified Tograc instead of making it from scratch. The thing with Jbeam is that following the shape is the LAST thing you should worry about, placement of the nodes shouldn't be based on the shape but rather on weight distribution and the beams connecting them, which should properly simulate the pillars, floor, roof, etc. So well, I would make it a Tograc "meshslap" first and then modify the Jbeam shape. But if you really want to do it from scratch, you should at least learn the theory of Jbeaming a car first.
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  5. SamParker772

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    May 27, 2020
    My dream has come true. Thank you so much, it looks amazing so far keep it up.
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  6. 7dan

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    Jun 3, 2021
    Looks like you're using a lod0 model which unfortunately isn't really suitable for BeamNG as it's way too high-poly, hence why it spikes badly when crashing.
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  7. Turbo49>

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    Apr 1, 2021
    Could you please link me to that ? (If you have a link of course) that would interest me.
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  8. Agent_Y

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    Jul 10, 2020
    The absolute basics are in documentation, more complex stuff on MFD server. Idk if I'm allowed to post a link to it but you can still enter via old posts with contests
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  9. TacoDoritos

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    Jul 10, 2021
  10. Hayami Kanade

    Hayami Kanade
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    Dec 28, 2018
  11. Theo Wilkinson

    Theo Wilkinson
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    Feb 18, 2020
    This is interesting!
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  12. Finn Wilkinson

    Finn Wilkinson
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    Jun 14, 2021
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  13. e r i k

    e r i k
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    Feb 17, 2021
    This is amazing! Don't give up, we need more modern and suburban SUV's. The amount of progress shown here is massive and it proves to us that you've spent a long time on this. We all appriciate that! Good Luck!
  14. JorgePinto

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    Aug 4, 2013
    Thank you all! :) I think it's important to remind everyone that this is a long shot by me, I don't have the ideal knowledge, or even the ideal things to work with, but I think it's still worth the try.

    In fact, the body jbeam is from the Tograc. I modified the pillars position, the roof and floor height, the general body shape including the length, width and general shape of the body, and in fact, I spent the last week trying to get the suspension to behave as it should, since it sits in a different position compared to the Tograc, it was a nightmare of deformed parts, things breaking...right now it's quite stable. The worst issue jbeam-wise, the hood. Again, I used the Tograc one as a starting point and added necessary bits to ensure the beaming follows the main shape, in fact it used to wiggle like crazy, and now sits on place, but the deformation is awful.

    I definitely agree it's an issue, it is the LOD0 and has plenty of polys, but I wanted to do the Defender for a while, and after watching No Time to Die it got worse to me ;) And this is all I could find I'm afraid...I thought about trying to reduce the polycount of course, nut with such a complex LOD, it's maybe not easier than do it from scratch, so I can't see any good options here, at least for me alone...
  15. Allots

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    Mar 16, 2021
    This looks fantastic so far, and the fact that BeamNG rarely has modern real life vehicles adds on. Don't focus on the time, just focus on the quality of work, and it might be finished sooner than you (or anyone) would think!
  16. Agent_Y

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    Jul 10, 2020
    It looked like scratch Jbeam to me on the pics because you modified too much I guess.
    One of the most basic rules of Jbeam is to not overdo it. If it works in a vanilla car, it will work in yours, no need to change it. Of course it's important to move the nodes to fit the shape, but you don't have to be too precise with it. You have definitely overdone it with the hood, I would restart it again if I were you. It ruined the grid-like flow of the beams which is really important for good deformation of flat structures. When it comes to modifying the Jbeam of official cars, adding extra nodes, beams and stuff is generally a big no, unless the shape DRASTICALLY different, like Piccolina vs Pessima hood shape. You should rather move around the nodes you already had, you don't need to be extremely precise in following the shape. Remember that good deformation is the priority, and whether it actually follows the shape is a secondary thing. Lada Car Pack was a meshslap pack and nobody noticed it even though the Jbeams weren't fitting the car shapes too well, only because it was just close enough and worked well.
    So test this first on unmodified Tograc hood and see if it still spikes. If no then move the nodes you have to the proper places. If yes, then it's an issue caused by the model being too high poly and has nothing to do with your Jbeam. In that case, you can try moving all the nodes of the hood closer to the mesh for smoother interpolation, of course it will also mean moving the body nodes down a few cm to avoid clipping. If that still doesn't work then idk, get a lower poly model I guess.
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  17. FordKing

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    Jul 21, 2016
    This looks promising
    Keep up the good work!
  18. JorgePinto

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    Aug 4, 2013
    Thanks for the suggestion, will check if it improves the crash behaviour. Using a LOD 1 would be preferable, but so far I don't think it has been released yet, along with the whole set of textures, if there is no other way, by the time is available I would explore that option, but of course would mean starting over most of the car, so it definitely needs to be worth it. If when the time comes, a LOD1 will all the mapping, texturing and all missing things from this version is available, it might be the case.

    As for updates, sadly nothing major to share, I've been ill for the last 2 days and progress has been halted as a result, but at least the .dae model is finally done at switching to BeamNG textures, including the lights and glass, and I still need to test it, but BeamNG's 3D cracked windshield should be working as well. Next step, is to clean up the UV maps and homogenize the names for each part, bake some ambient occlusion maps, and of course, create all the missing textures. Hopefully next update won't take long, after I recover.
  19. Skoda_Lover

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    Oct 2, 2021
    That's best WIP mod!
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  20. TymonNG

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    Apr 7, 2021
    It looks really good! Good luck with it.
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