Zenva Violoté 1.0

The Violoté: Classic Back, Modern Front. Masterful Design.

  1. Galaxia
    Zenva presents the Violoté
    Classic Back, Modern Front. Two design languages. Two Manufacturers.
    Partnering with BeamNG's "ETK" to produce a lightweight sports car from ETK's specially tuned 5.2L I6 - making 402 hp and 364 lb-ft.

    Showcase video:

    Mid-Engine RWD 5.2L I6
    6-Speed Manual
    2791 lb (41/59 Distribution)
    402 hp @6400
    364 lb-ft @4500
    Starts at: $120,000

    2-Door: 1 Seater
    Wheelbase: 94.09in
    Length: 156.78in
    Width: 67.09in

Recent Reviews

  1. Mormislaw
    Version: 1.0
    Fantastic, very fun to drive
    1. Galaxia
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much dude! Glad you enjoy it :D
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