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Alpha WolfPack's Mega Mod Skin Pack 1.2

over 20+ skins for u to enjoy

  1. last update please use my other pack for more skins thank

  2. overview photos and skin fix

    so in this update i have been asked to add some photos for this mod to be approved so i have taken a few photos sadly dont have time to take photos of all 40 skins lol but here are a few also the red vs blue red team skin was broken due to one missing underscore in 2 parts of the skin that has now been fixed


    1. screenshot_2019-01-05_13-33-32.png
    2. screenshot_2019-01-05_13-36-36.png
    3. screenshot_2019-01-05_13-42-51.png
    4. screenshot_2019-01-05_13-43-43.png
    5. screenshot_2019-01-05_13-44-02.png
    6. screenshot_2019-01-05_13-44-16.png
    7. screenshot_2019-01-05_13-46-29.png
    8. screenshot_2019-01-05_13-46-54.png
    9. screenshot_2019-01-05_13-50-02.png
    10. screenshot_2019-01-05_13-51-12.png
    11. screenshot_2019-01-05_13-56-41.png
    12. screenshot_2019-01-05_13-56-56.png
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