Experimental Wider Axles 1.13

Some wider axles to accommodate larger tires

  1. nachtstiel
    Here is a video showcasing the widened suspension:

    The T-Series is now even wider!

    This mod now includes modded suspension for the Scarab. You will need to download the mod here https://www.beamng.com/resources/dsc-scarab.15272/ in order to see it in game. Thank you to DrowsySam for letting me tinker with it!

    Tired of having your tire size limited by your vehicle's body or frame? Tired of flipping over during sharp cornering? Can't quite span that crevice?
    Well, take a look at this set of axles!
    With these, you will no longer be held back by such silly things as clearance issues. Go wild with your tire sizes!

    What's that? You recently bought 100-inch tires, but you can't fit them on your vehicle? Well, now you can!
    Just look at that clearance! The sky is the limit on your tire size, now!

    You don't want to be like this guy, do you?

    Then get these axles today, and quit rubbing your frame with your tires!

    And just when you thought life couldn't get any better, life gives you wider axels for the D-series!
    What's that? You say that the independent front suspension is not an axle?
    I say, who cares?
    Just look at that amazing beast!

    What's that? There's not enough ground clearance? How does three more feet sound?

    That's right! Now you no longer have to worry about such trivial things as traffic jams when you install some long travel coilovers!

    Current axles / suspensions available:
    • Live axle suspensions
      • The axle wrap issue is almost fixed
    • 428 Cobra Jet Engine
      • I know it is not suspension, but it makes a big difference in performance with larger tires.
    • Front:
      • Off-Road Independent Suspension
        • Long-Travel by default
      • Double Wishbone Independent Suspension
        • .7m wider
        • 1.8m wider
    • Rear:
      • Standard Live Axle suspension
      • 3-Link Live Axle suspension (No more axle wrapping with larger tires!) For real this time!
        • Long-Travel and Standard Coilovers
      • 4-Link Live Axle Suspension
        • .7m wider
        • 1.8m wider
    • Engine:
      • 428 Cobra Jet
    • Front:
      • Off-Road Independent Suspension
        • Long-Travel by default
    • Rear:
      • Standard Live Axle suspension
      • 3-Link Live Axle suspension
        • Long-Travel and Standard Coilovers
    • Live Rear Axle
      • A little bit unstable, just install the Stronk driveshaft.
    • Wide front tire
      • To make up for not having a front end I can widen.
      • A bit janky, but it works.
    • Front Suspension
      • It is a bit unstable with larger tires
      • relatively fragile
      • Fix coming soon-ish
    • Rear suspension
      • Spring rate and dampers need fine-tuning
    • Front Axle
      • Steering angle is too small
    • Rear Axle
      • The rear end lifts up under hard acceleration
    In the works:
    • D-Series
      • Mastering the rear 3-link axle so it doesn't spawn with deforms
      • Correcting 3-link axle mesh to match the new node structure.
      • Making the standard axle work.
    • Hopper
      • I'm pretty much ignoring the hopper until I can correct the burning clutch issue with wider tires. It functions well enough for now.
    • Sunburst
      • Super early, but it kind of works
        • Rear suspension is almost passable
        • Front suspension wiggles a whole lot. Almost like it's waving every time you reset it.
    • General
      • Configurations are to come soon.
    I plan on adding wide axles/suspension to other vehicles as well.

    If you run into any problems, please let me know here https://beamng.com/threads/wider-axles.75054/


    1. screenshot_2020-12-15_17-36-13.png
    2. screenshot_2020-12-15_17-37-11.png
    3. screenshot_2020-12-15_17-45-52.png
    4. screenshot_2021-01-12_21-39-15.png
    5. screenshot_2021-06-18_13-54-21.png
    6. BeamNGdrive-0234112530-RELEASE-x648_12_202112_50_46PM.png
    7. BeamNGdrive-0234112530-RELEASE-x648_12_202112_55_51PM.png
    8. BeamNGdrive-0234112530-RELEASE-x648_12_202112_56_56PM.png

Recent Reviews

  1. trm7
    Version: 1.10.1
    nice, would like crawler d series widened solid axle though.
  2. Pessima1996
    Version: 1.9.1
    I need wide covet
    good mod tho
  3. Андрей Филиппов
    Андрей Филиппов
    Version: 1.9.1
    need 200bx and etk i-series
  4. Malamo999
    Version: 1.8.1
    This is great, and I love the detailed showcase video. I feel like someone needs to make a cinematic trailer now.

    The 'Wide 48 inch' config doesn't seem wide any more, however.
    1. nachtstiel
      Author's Response
      This will be returned in the next update!
  5. poopaloompa
    Version: 1.8
    Version: 1.8
    Every car that is supported by the wide axles, i try to put the axles on them but they only go boom so i cant use it in any car :(
    1. nachtstiel
      Author's Response
      Please post what configs you were using in the forum post. I have not been able to replicate the issue on my end.
  7. quattros8
    Version: 1.7
    thats great!
    What about wide 3 links suspension for the front?
  8. Malamo999
    Version: 1.5.2
    Love this. The new D-Series Wide 48" config breaks on spawn, however. Edit: this seems to be due to the rear 'wide 4-link live axle'.
    1. nachtstiel
      Author's Response
      It is. I tried to get the update in before the weekend, but I couldn't quite work fast enough. It will work as soon as the update is approved.
  9. KepperPepper1232
    Version: 1.3.1
    love this mod but I noticed in the vehicle files there was a sunburst folder and the axles break when you put them on when will this be fixed/added?
    1. nachtstiel
      Author's Response
      Yes, this will be corrected. I neglected to remove it before uploading. I have a version that has kind of functional suspension that does not conflict with the base game.
  10. Bolt2407_Beamfan
    Version: 1.3.1
    Alright, four 100-inch and four 200-inch tires left to buy.
    1. nachtstiel
      Author's Response
      That'll be tree fiddy
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