Beta WideFap Suspension 1.3

Highly customisable suspension. (stance drift and more)

  1. shantofficiel
    ⚠️ The mod has been test by 10 beta tester, and dont have any bug. If you encounter any problem, disable EVERY MODS except widefap and the dtroxx rims/ tire expansion pack, and try again. If you keep having the bug, please contact me on discord, and I will fix asap. ⚠️

    I need your help
    I m not gonna lie, I m very bad. I need someone to help me adapting independant suspension and normal spring on every car that use leaf spring or/and solid axle. Those two things ruin my life because it dont let you tune the car properly. So please help me (private message or discord)

    Hey eveyone!
    As it's my first mods, I want to introduce myself. My name is shant, and I m a stance lover / jdm fanboy. I was really disapointed that no one did mods to FINALLY lower car, with big camber and stuff... so I decided to do it myself.

    Of course, WideFap is a parodic/lore friendly name for WiseFab.

    WideFap is a brand created in the late 80's when the bosozoku who tryied to stance mirramar and covet has to remove the coilover to get lower suspension. Takumi Tsushyia has the awesome idea to develop the now famous "stance struts/coilover". He made the dream of every bosozoku possible. Undriveble shitbox.
    But he didnt stopped here. He decided to create the now famous suspension kits in 1998, and he saved the whole drifting community. Camber, steering lock, and more was improved. Now the suspension are insane and allow the user insane settings.
    Now the brand also plan to create car accessories.

    Thx to BeamJ for this awesome edit of the 1.1!!!!

    If you want to use those logos for skins, feel free! (dont feel forced to credits me, but if you do that would be nice ^^')

    So, what does it include:
    -Huge camber (all car on the list)
    -Huge spacer (all car on the list)
    -Huge lowering (all car on the list)
    -Support other suspension mods (such as the air ride one, even if now you can get lower car than with this mod)
    -Huge toe (1.1 / 1.2)
    -Premade setup/ car configs (require the dtroxx mod pack linked below) (all car on the list) (1.1)
    -Bigger steering lock (all car on the list) (1.2)
    -Car accessories and skin (only covet atm) (1.3)

    Car list:
    sunburst (1.1)
    etki (1.1)
    Hiroshi Prasu (1.3) car link
    Toyota AE86 (1.3) car link
    Mazda RX7 (1.3) car link


    Here are some pics of stupid camber you can get
    Here are some clean build.

    To do list:
    Add more cars (the T series look very popular so I m gonna do my best :/ )
    Update car configs as the feel weird now (I did the 1.2.1 update as fast as I could because the mod wasnt working with the beam ng update and I havnt noticed that a few car dont work properly: etki dont have widefap steering and the covet config dont spawn with stance strut)
    Custom skins
    Ibishu kashira
    More accessoies, and for every car
    maybe a map? :D

    I highly recommand using Dtroxx rims pack, with the dtroxx stretch tire expansion.

    If you have any problem, contact me on discord: Shantofficiel ラクーン#0420

    PLEASE USE THE #WIDEFAP TAG FOR YOUTUBE VIDEO AND INSTAGRAM POST (plz it will help me to see your video and fix issue i see in them)


    Special thanks to NEthing for helping me as a beta tester, this is the guy that saved the mod (without him testing everything while i was making other car, you should has waited 3 or 4 days more, maybe even more because i lost all motivation when i saw that beamng changed the entire suspension template and that the whole mod was fucked...)


    1. screenshot_2019-08-08_12-18-20.png

Recent Updates

  1. New car: Rx7, AE86 and Hiroshi Prasu
  2. Mod working again and new steering

Recent Reviews

  1. miatasarenotgay
    Version: 1.3
    i was looking for camber when I saw this I love it keep up the good work
  2. Caminations
    Version: 1.2.1
    The axles always fall off, any way to fix this?
    1. shantofficiel
      Author's Response
      It s because you use too high value. Dont be too extreme, this mod have very high value to allow you a huge freedom. But if you are too extreme the wheels explode
  3. zayinn
    Version: 1.1
    very fun to test cars limits with this and make just good looking ones
    1. shantofficiel
      Author's Response
      Thx ^^ i ll try to add more car for you to mess with :D
  4. Alex_The_Gamer
    Version: 1.0
    fap.... that reminds me of something else, or I'm just a perv lol
    all that aside, I really like it, and the amount of customizability it gives you, so thumbs up (or 5 stars really) for that.
    1. shantofficiel
      Author's Response
      hey thx you a lot! a lot more car are coming soon! and yeah fap is what u think.
  5. GliderGamingYT
    Version: 1.0
    amazing mod only thing is stance rear coils dont show up for covet and i tried all diffrent suspensions
    1. shantofficiel
      Author's Response
      Hm that s weird, can you add me on discord I want to check that...
  6. jorgegf74
    Version: 1.0
    Very cool mod! I really recommend it :)
    1. shantofficiel
      Author's Response
      Thx mate^^
  7. gσℓ∂ƒιяє
    Version: 1.0
    damn gotta go fap in my pessima now
    1. shantofficiel
      Author's Response
      wait, 1.1 isnt even approved yet x) 2 new car u ll be able to fap on :D sunburst and etki
  8. MrCin
    Version: 1.0
    that is literally the best name ever
    1. shantofficiel
      Author's Response
      xD I tryied to get something lore friendly AND funny, so yeah i m happy u liked it :D
  9. NEthing
    Version: 1.0
    Wow amazing mod! I love to stance cars also.
    1. shantofficiel
      Author's Response
      Hey thx! :D glad you like it! I just uploaded 1.1 3h ago! There will be 2 new car and car preset! ^^ hope u will like it when it will been approved :D
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