Wheel Hub Conversion Kit (Now with wider track width adjustment) 1.2

Adds slot so you can have 4,5 and 6 lug wheel hubs on all vehicles (except 2) for some epic builds

  1. CreasingCurve
    Well hello again, i see you have come to check out my next mod.

    As you may have already noticed this mod adds a wheel hub slot to all vehicles that do not come stock with it. From this i added the 4,5 and 6 lug wheel hubs so that you can build whatever you want.

    Current Content
    Barstow - Added hub slot and 4 and 6 lug wheels
    Burnside - Added hub slot and 4 and 6 lug wheels
    200BX - Added 6 lug wheels
    ETK 800- Added hub slot and 4 and 6 lug wheels
    ETK K-Series- Added hub slot and 4 and 6 lug wheels
    ETK I-Series- Added hub slot and 4 and 6 lug wheels
    Grand Marshall - Added hub slot and 4 and 6 lug wheels
    Covet - Added hub slot and 5 and 6 lug wheels
    Melty Pessima - Added hub slot and 4 and 6 lug wheels
    Better Pessima - Added 6 lug wheels
    Miramar - Added hub slot and 5 and 6 lug wheels
    Moonhawk - Added hub slot and 4 and 6 lug wheels
    SBR4 - Added hub slot and 4 and 6 lug wheels
    Sunburst - Added hub slot and 4 and 6 lug wheels
    Bolide - Added hub slot and 4 and 6 lug wheels
    H-Series- Added 4 lug wheels
    Pickup - Added 4 lug wheels
    Roamer - Added 4 lug wheels
    Small Trailer - Added hub slot and 5 and 6 lug wheels
    Bruckell Legran- adds hub slot and 4 and 6 lug wheels
    Travel Trailer (Caravan) - adds hub slot and 4 and 6 lug wheels

    For the vehicles listed above which have the hub slot listed next to them, you can now also adjust the track width to a much larger extent, allowing for some much wider track width or even narrower track widths if thats what you want.

    Latest Updates
    Ibishu Hopper - Added Hub Slot with 4 and 6 lug wheels
    And adjustable track width

    With this you could make
    - A Covet with Civetta Competizione's front and rear to make it into a race car like you've always wanted
    - A Bolide with Trial 1000 Offroad wheels for some Rock crawling or Mudding
    - A Barstow or Moonhawk with some JDM wheels
    - Or a modified trailer with alder dragger or monster 6 lug offroad wheels

    Planned content
    - Adding 8 lug wheels to all vehicles
    - Add wheel hub system to pigeon and likely also the semi because why not?
    - Maybe some unique configs, but not really top priority.

    All vehicles currently have the Wheel hub slot except for the Pigeon and T-Series.
    The T-Series and Pigeon have their own wheel system and different nodes for wheel hub mounting and is proving difficult to setup and mount correctly.
    I will try to get the Pigeon and Semi done ASAP but will take some time and maybe some help.

    Sadly, to be approved onto the repo, this mod has to use a separate suspension file for the time being unless i can find a way to only add the hub slot and not deleting the suspension parts.

    Vehicles that need you will not need to change suspension for the wheel hubs include
    - Early 90's pessima
    - H-Series
    - D-Series
    - Roamer

    To install simply place in mods folder located in Documents/BeamNG.Drive/mods

    Remember to select the part in the front or rear suspension menu, named WH ____ suspension

    Please report bugs in the discussion thread and NOT in a review. Any suggestions or improvements are welcomed in both the discussion thread and in reviews as well as constructive criticism.

    If you have any ideas like this that are for the convenience of the community, feel free to send me a PM and I will be happy to help you with your idea or partner with you to help idea become reality. Don't worry I will not steal your ideas, I'm not an idiot.

    Have fun and enjoy the mod, more updates and mods will be coming in the future.

Recent Reviews

  1. umustbeloggedintododat
    Version: 1.2
    Doesn't work for the d-series bigfoot
    1. CreasingCurve
      Author's Response
      last update - May 2nd 2017
      Might be why
  2. MultiGamerClub
    Version: 1.2
    This is a highly under-rated mod, i have had this problem for so long. Thank you very much, im so happy this exists :)
    1. CreasingCurve
  3. Camera2004
    Version: 1.2
    Thank you!!!! This mod saved body styles from breaking!!!
  4. vipersrt1013
    Version: 1.2
    Truly bootiful
    -1 star for no t series
    wouldve rated 6
  5. Legend
    Version: 1.2
    An absolute must have, Great mod 10/10
  6. thegaming11
    Version: 1.2
    omg this is fucking amazing perfect mod bro
  7. 65f100guy | S/anted Crew
    65f100guy | S/anted Crew
    Version: 1.2
    I swear every time I have to reset my game this is the very first mod I look for! it's amazing
  8. Alex_Farmer557
    Version: 1.2
    Pigeon doesn't work. Brilliant Otherwise
    1. CreasingCurve
      Author's Response
      It works fine on my end so i'm not sure how its not on yours. Try deleting mod from mods folder and then reinstalling it.
  9. The Originators
    The Originators
    Version: 1.2
    Great mod dude!!!! We all appreciate the work you put into this!
  10. chevygmoney
    Version: 1.2
    Great mod! but could you possibly add 10 lug wheel hubs for all the cars? it would be really cool because we could use emi wheels and some wheels from other mods on different vehicles (the hopper 6x6 wheels for example) on the gavril d-series or other vehicles.
    1. CreasingCurve
      Author's Response
      Hard pass on that, because well, their are no 10 lug wheels. I thought about doing 8 lugs but on most of the cars they dont fit under the guards or between the wheel well.
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