Wentward DT35SE 1.0

3tons and a new engine-gearbox, enjoy :)

  1. Michaelflat
    thanks to @Ai'Torror (for base DT35 jbeam) and @RELYT2012 (for 4BT torque curve)

    So here it is, the Wentward DT35SE... This kept on selling until 2007 due to some cool new upgrades...

    1) It is lighter, like 3 tonnes lighter (unrealisticly so, but i'm trying to simulate an enviro 200 kind of bus here with minimal jbeam :p )
    2) It is quieter in the real world (the 4cyl engine irl is quieter than older 6cyl counterparts)
    3) It has lower emissions the engine helps a lot here...
    4) It saves fuel, the big reason why.. the 4cyl engine is more efficient than the 6cyl

    4.5L Torque Curve:

    Known issues:
    1)Jiggly railings inside the bus, i know this is an issue, it was a thing on the base DT35 and me changing the weight has made it a bit worse.. If Ai'Torror will update his mod, i'll update this one :)
    2) It sounds like a normal wentward, yes, i don't have a 4cyl cummins soundtrack.. if anyone has then that would be amazing..
    3) It is slow/underpowered, i'm going right after the Enviro 200 here.. 35ft long, 9tonnes or thereabouts, and 250hp (well this has 240hp but go figure), the real life one has 1000nm of torque i think, but this makes do with 860nm, this is because it's the 4cyl here, not the 6cyl.. there would be little point in doing all this just for a 6cyl.)

    Standard affair of configs, but with the 4cyl engine (safari, base, city, zebra, you know the drill!)
    City Maxi: This has the 8.9L diesel engine, which allows it to climb WCUSAs hills at speed, this allows a reasonable amount of fuel economy, without having to resort to expensive unreliable hybrid technologies!
    Highway Maxi: This again has the 8.9L diesel engine, and is tuned to have a very low RPM at cruise, good for long journeys, and the torque from the 8.9 will easily push this 9ton bus up long high-speed hills
    Mock review:
    The new engine in the DT35 really sets it apart from the older buses, it's noticeably quieter, and the allison automatic is smoother compared even to the 6-speed unit in the DT35, acceleration is smooth even when at wide open throttle, however we do find the 4cyl unit to be lacking on power at low revs, and to get the transmission revving, you really need your foot hard down, we think this is the future of buses, as we say farewell to the big torquey engine of past.. However the fuel economy is really good, and if we are comparing it to the more cost effective 270hp DT35, then performance has improved noticeably too! It meets Euro 3 emissions standards, thanks to the 4cyl engine and light weight, but we would like to see a design refresh in the future, the DT35L did look rather vintage in the late 90s, and this is set to be sold until the mid 2000s!

Recent Reviews

    Version: 1.0
    It's a great mod. Drag racing it with the DT40 series and ended up in a junkyard.
    1. Michaelflat
      Author's Response
      glad you like it, i find this to be roughly equivalent performance to the DT40 with 300hp, the DT40 has 350hp but fluctuates since the gearbox shifts a bit early (esp 4speed) so a race is quite interesting.
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