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WBIMP Game Expansion 2.0

Update 2.0: The 80's are calling...

  1. Piccolina Powaaa! +More

    yallo again
    quick lil update that brings out the Piccolina with a new engine option!
    1.4/1.6L SOHC I4 and a Selecta racing skin. +a fully modeled radiator option where the spare tire goes.
    And ~20+ new Piccolina configs!

    Bugfixes include:
    -ETK N series (K and 800) V8 has been optimized (model and placement in engine bay)
    -Lots of configs fiddling
    -Spec R brakes are now completely color-able
    -minor Info fiddling
    -98 Pessima hood deformation bugs have been hammered out
    -SBR rear licence plate adjusted so its not halfway in the bumper
    -more and more stuff i have totally forgotten about
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