Beta WBIMP Config Megapack 1.2 (bugfixes+patches)

1994 Pessima and Group Beam cars!

  1. Bugfixes #1 (plus some cool stuff!)

    Hey all!
    Just finished up a bugfix update for WBIMP!
    the changes include:
    -Fixed IBX chairs
    -made IBX front compatable w/ normal Covet (fenders dont line up exactly, cant really fix that tho)
    -fixed the DCT tranny on the V8 ETK's that didnt line up
    -updated 200BX Pessima panels
    -Added a hobby V8 for the Pigeon, used in Lil rocket config
    -fixed 89 Pessima IRD wing
    -added 19x9/10 Fiesta Activa rims
    -other minor fixes

    and more!

    Have fun!
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