Beta WBIMP Config Megapack 1.2 (bugfixes+patches)

1994 Pessima and Group Beam cars!

  1. Autobello Power Part 2!

    Hello all once again!
    this update brings lots of new stuff to the table, and fixes a TON of broken crap.
    while some of it will remain kinda glitchy, and a bit wonky, all of those leftover bugs will be hammered out very soon.

    -around 20/25 new configs in total for the 98' Pessima and the Autobello.
    -replaced supercharged I6 diesel with V8 turbodiesel (sounds are EXPERIMENTAL)
    -AWD Piccolina! (NOTE: Use the limited slip diffs at your OWN risk- they have a weird bug where the wheels explode if you gas it in the air- will fix soon.)
    -added a Rotary Piccolina. modified pre-existing 150 RS Italia and 150 RS to have rotaries. (+ EXHAUSTS)
    -added Sunsupotsu 98' Pessima configs
    -Nerfed a TON of much to powerful engines (Burnside V12, Barstow I6, Covet I5+ more)
    -engines no longer randomly explode (thanks Neil!)
    -Added a modeled dual tip exhaust for I6 Pessima, and exhaust smoke will now actually exit the exhaust pipe
    -made the Okudai spoiler on 89' Pessima less likely to conflict with mods and have no texture
    - modified Aero 98' Pessima to have its own aero parts (spoiler, trunk, front bumper) Yes i am aware that the trunk is really messy right now, it one of my priorities to get it fixed for the next update.
    Pics time!
    110R_A_AWD.png 110R_AWD.png 110R_B_AWD.png Purple_plum_crazy.png Sansupotsu.png

    Thats all i can remember ATM. there is probably more stuff around and about, but i will leave that for you guys to find :)

    i will post plans for the next update in the discussion thread here:

    have fun, as always, and i will see y'all around!
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