Vivento Apollo 1.0

Base & Sport versions!

    This car was made in 1986, When Unleaded fuel was introduced in the UK.
    It was built to be "The car of the future!" with it's futuristic styling. Or at least it was futuristic at the time it was made.
    A couple months after it was released, The Sport variant was released, about 15,000 Sport variants were made, The Sport featured the same engine, however it was tuned and had a turbo slapped onto it. However it was criticized because it was rather slow for something marketed as being "sporty". Aside from the turbo, the sport edition also had 5-spoke alloy wheels and a spoiler, aswell as turbo lettering on the doors and bootlid.

    Base model cost: £13,000

    Sport variant cost: £19,000
    Standard colours:
    Flame Red, Future Grey, Baby Blue, Pure White, Pure Black.
    Special colours (special colours cost an extra £250):
    Fire Orange, Gold, Eggplant Purple, Sea Blue

    Performance Specifications:

    All Models include a 16 Valve, 1.1 litre 4-cylinder engine with 2 dual-overhead camshafts.
    Base model performance:
    55bhp @ 5500rpm
    62lb-ft torque @ 2900rpm

    Sport model performance:
    93bhp @ 5500rpm
    105lb-ft torque @ 3300rpm

    For more info, or to buy a Vivento auto for yourself, visit your local Vivento Dealership today.

    screenshot_2019-09-24_17-50-08.png screenshot_2019-09-24_17-50-41.png


    screenshot_2019-09-24_17-56-23.png screenshot_2019-09-24_17-58-17.png


Recent Reviews

  1. thegaming11
    Version: 1.0
    how can i put two different versions of cars in one? for when i click on the mod in game i can select different versions of the car like base version or sport version? pd: sorry for my inglish, im from Uruguay
  2. Skygel14
    Version: 1.0
    Precioso coche!
  3. ToyotaCelica2000gt
    Version: 1.0
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