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Unsupported Venturi - Fidelis 1.0

Pretty car no?

  1. TheKraken
    A modded 600 horsepower high end vehicle designed and manufactured my the Venturi Motor Company.

    It has a high drivability, and sportiness value

    The engine is a Boxter 4 cylinder twin turbo producing 600 horsepower at 6800 rpm. And 465 Ib-ft of torque at 6700 rpm

    The car itself has almost perfect 50/50 weight distribution. Which makes its cornering performance high

    Here is a start/rev video so you can get a good idea of what it sounds like

    I enjoy feed back on all my vehicles so if you want to see more cars in the future don't forget to rate! also, if you have recommendations and or vehicle ideas contact me via venturimotorcompany@gmail.com


    1. screenshot_00004.png
    2. screenshot_00000.png

Recent Reviews

  1. yomomisgaylol
    Version: 1.0
    cool car vary nise
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