Alpha Vanillaworks Car Pack 1.5

A bunch of lore-friendly vehicles

  1. Various vehicles pack (and one fix)

    New cars with this update:

    - Civetta Zigar 65
    - Bruckell GNX
    - Hirochi Elegance
    - Ibishu Premium Limo

    Fixed the missing ETK B1, because it was removed with one update.
    Don't know if its that important (it's a slow van), but here you go.

    **Pictures and descriptions coming soon**
  2. Heavy Vehicle Update

    Cars that were added:

    - Gavril Explorer-
    - ETK Pointer
    - Cayon Sport
    - Hirochi Bison 4x4
    - Ibishu Omino
  3. Classic Cars Update

    Following cars were added:

    - Bruckell El Mordero
    - Gavril Transporter
    - Gavril Conveyor
    - ETK Regalit
    - Hirochi Huntsman
    - Civetta Trioro

    Following cars were added by accident:

    - ETK Pointer (Should be in the next update, but maybe you now know the next update theme)

    **Pictures and a detailed description will be added soon**
  4. Powerful Cars Update

    Added following cars:

    - Bruckell Torque
    - Civetta Velucio Supersport
    - ETK Cloudchaser
    - Ibishu Optimis
    - Ibishu Tectone
    - Hirochi TSE 5

    **Pictures and details coming soon**
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