Beta V12 Vapor 2.0

Mid engine supercar, all wheel drive and race ready

  1. SubieDoobieTwo
    This car is my own twist on a 90's Italian supercar. Its powered by a V12 engine and is all wheel drive. I took my inspiration from the Lamborghini Diablo. Thank you Lamborghini for gracing our world with such an awesome car! The canards on the front fenders are functional as is the rear wing. It's stable and has good turn in but this cars strength is traction and speed out of a corner thanks to the all wheel drive. I spent a good amount of time making the power usable and tuning the suspension so it's fun to throw the car around. Have fun! These cars take a looong time to build and design to look and work the part, so please feel free to leave me comments about the car and tell me what you think! :)

    Below is the link to my hot lap challenge with this car. Don't forget to like and subscribe! the more subscribers and 5 star ratings the better the cars get!


    1. VaporV1220photo1.png
    2. VaporV1220photo2.png
    3. VaporV1220photo3.png
    4. VaporV1220photo4.png
    5. VaporV1220photo5.png
    6. VaporV1220photo6.png

Recent Updates

  1. added interior details and features
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