Outdated V10 Car pack 5.51

One engine, many vehicles, many parts!

  1. Ai'Torror
    It's a simple mod that adds a viper inspired V10 swap for few of the official vehicles:
    -Burnside Special
    -Bruckell Moonhawk
    -Gavril Barstow
    -Gavril Grand Marshal
    -Gavril Roamer
    -Gavril D-Series

    Every vehicle has few configs and few extra parts.

    • V10 engine sound and realistic torque curve.
    • 2 Stages of turbochargers (stage 1 is based of the SBR4 turbos)
    • Nitrous and afterfire compatibility.
    • Exhaust dependent engine volume! - If you choose the side pipe exhaust (or straight pipe) it becomes much louder, and if you choose the stock exhaust it becomes more quiet and afterfires less (as far as I know it is the first mod to do this sort of thing!)
    • Electronic Stability Control and Traction Control.
    • ABS
    • Fully modeled V10 engine and Twin turbo setup.
    • Window tint for all V10 powered Cars

    Available configs:

    Tell me what do you think about the update in review or in the discussion tab :)
    If you want any features added, tell me in discussion tab!

    Now with Special SRT10 Sounds Made by @440cid !
    You can download the Addon Here.

    After installing the Addon, you have to equip the sounds manually. Just open the Parts selector (CTRL+W) Find the Engine, exhaust should be there. Choose the type of the exhaust you want (Straight pipe or Muffled) and then pick the sound you want from the slot under the exhaust (adding the add-on will Add the SRT10 Sounds called "Custom Sound".

    BeamNG team: All of the base vehicles and the game itself, Sbr4 turbochargers and V10 sounds
    BeamNG comunity: help with mod development
    Dodge: V10 viper engine which I've based my engine on.

    I hope you'll like it!

    Do Not Reupload!
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Recent Updates

  1. Small fixes
  2. Failrace Craziness
  3. Hotfix

Recent Reviews

  1. ToyotaSupraRZ
    Version: 5.51
    wow thanks
  2. Tuner from America
    Tuner from America
    Version: 5.51
    One of my more favorite mods out there, Period.
    1. Ai'Torror
  3. goreal
    Version: 5.51
    CRAZYYY but how did you make the jelly SUV??? its interesting and i definitely dont want to do that to other cars
    1. Ai'Torror
      Author's Response
      Made the front drag wheels and tires and badly tuned the offroad suspension with no sway bars and then added a drag 4 speed automatic and stage 1 turbocharged V10, nothing too hard.
  4. Querion
    Version: 5.51
    Speed and POWER!

    -Jeremy Clarkson
    1. Ai'Torror
  5. Pungpig2
    Version: 5.51
    1. Ai'Torror
  6. Serialjwalker00
    Version: 5.51
    The v10 mod is one of those mods you just NEED! Great sound engine model and supercharger options powerband its dev quality pack all the way. just download it. There is no reason not too!
    1. Ai'Torror
  7. chrissywhite
    Version: 5.51
    really great! can you make some V10 sunbursts
    1. Ai'Torror
      Author's Response
      If I recall correctly there already is a V10.sunburst mod.
    Version: 5.1
    Good Work.
    Would like to see a V10 Civetta Bolide
    1. Ai'Torror
      Author's Response
      I'm not sure if it is going to fit in thr bolide :/
      Thanks for the review tho!
  9. KiloHotel
    Version: 5.1
    Great mod.
    1. Ai'Torror
  10. carsmin
    Version: 5.1
    this is amazing!!!
    1. Ai'Torror
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