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Alpha UPR - Utah Performance Rally .85

30 Rally scenarios across 5 normal stages, 5 reversed stages, and 6 cars

  1. trustedbubble19
    Utah Performance Rally is the 7th round in the North American rally championship across the brutal roads in Utah. Each stage is about two minutes in length.

    30 Scenarios 5 stages which are also run in reverse across 6 cars
    AWD Championship - Featuring the rally tuned sunburst across 5 stages
    FWD Championship - Featuring the vastly inferior rally tuned covet across 5 stages
    RWD Championship - Featuring the perfect midlife crisis car the 200BX across 5 stages
    Reversed AWD Championship - Featuring the group 4 legendary ETK I series rally car across 5 stages ran in reverse
    Reversed 4WD Championship - Featuring the offroad hopper because someone couldn't tell rally from Baja across 5 stages ran in reverse
    Reversed RWD Championship - Featuring the Moonhawk across 5 stages ran in reverse (Also currently the only one with a complete description story)

    7 Legendary Competitors to race and compete against to become the Utah Rally world master
    Colander McKay - Said to make the best noodles known to man, he also was sorta famous for rallying, but not really
    Tammy Forest - Famous for being a host of bottom gear, murica edition
    Kent Cube - Known for his stupidly popular vlogs about going to the gym
    Sebabe lobe - He has only won the worth championship nine times in a row which really isn't all that impressive, also has a mediocre rally game
    Trevor Pastrami - He's famous for his show boost circus where he and his friends do stupid stunts, and then your friend Joe tries to recreate them and you end up paying the medical bills
    Rickard Bums - Had a hard rally game about him, wasn't anyone until gravel rally came out and then a bunch of hipsters said that they like hard rally games before anyone else did
    The author - Currently trying to compete in the junior championship in high school and is making a mod instead of his doing his review packets for midterms because prioritizing time is one of his strong suits
    screenshot_00003.png screenshot_00000.png screenshot_00001.png screenshot_00002.png screenshot_00004.png screenshot_00005.png screenshot_00006.png screenshot_00007.png screenshot_00008.png screenshot_00009.png screenshot_00011.png screenshot_00012.png screenshot_00013.png screenshot_00015.png
    This is my first mod, please leave feedback, advice, and tips along with what you thought of the mod

    Still to come in future updates - Full story descriptions of all the scenarios, Maybe a campaign version? (If I ever figure out how to do that), and random fixes


Recent Reviews

  1. ACrashingPokeman
    Version: .85
    REALLY, REALLY GOOD! The car choices are awesome, and the rally is really realistic. I have a suggesttion for the next update though. On Stage 5, please put a sign that shows we have to turn right or we fly off the track. thanks!
  2. AdriokasLTU
    Version: .85
  3. Kic_ker
    Version: .85
    love the scenarios and the description even more
  4. Kuthlive
    Version: .85
    I started dying at Rickard Bums! also, you had midterms this week too? So did i. My Algebra 2 midterm was hell, My ELA 11 (NYS) wasn't so bad and my US history was brain dead easy.
    1. trustedbubble19
      Author's Response
      Thanks, yeah I had midterms they weren't too bad the robotics one I had was a huge pain but other than that it was decent, thanks again for the review
  5. BeVolkCraster
    Version: .85
    lol the authors description is pretty good not gonna lie
    1. trustedbubble19
      Author's Response
      I'm glad you like it. This is what I came up with at 4 in the morning unable to sleep.
  6. alexandru575
    Version: .85
    The RWD cars don't have a transmission for me, the rest of it is great however.
    1. trustedbubble19
      Author's Response
      Strange I'm not quite sure why that would happen, It doesn't for me, It is just the 200BX, Moonhawk, or both?
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