Unsupported Unorthodox Stunting Pathways V.1.0.1

A choice maybe as simple as going left or right

  1. Darthbob555
    This scenario pack is the fifth in the series of unorthodox stunting. Once again your trusty Gavril D-Series is the chosen car for the job.
    This is a set of two scenarios which are the same but one is harder than the other; relaxed and stressed edition (stressed edition is 3 laps of the relaxed edition).

    "The scenery is bland; you have channeled your inner coolness and now you are in a loop of heaven. Drive your Gavril D-Series and sip your herbal tea as you gently complete a lap of the pathway track. TIPS AND HINTS: The car is easily fast enough so don't floor it everywhere. The corners can be narrow in places so slow down and take caution when carrying large amounts of speed."


    "The same config as the standard edition of this sceanrio, it is time to see what you really can do with the Gavril D-Series - 3 times over."

    20160328171735_1.jpg 20160328171743_1.jpg 20160328171746_1.jpg 20160328171800_1.jpg 20160328171805_1.jpg 20160328171815_1.jpg

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  1. fylhtq7779
    Version: V.1.0.1
    Maikal Bay ti li eto?
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