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Ultimate Vehicle Soundpack 12.0

Replacing sounds for official vehicles & unofficial vehicle mods.

  1. Gamer Alex (AlexKVideos1)
    The Ultimate Vehicle Soundpack is a ever expanding pack that replaces the engine sounds from the game to give cars more depth, and variety. Started way back in 2016 for personal use, as an outcrop of Telemax's sound pack, I have been updating this pack ever since. This is no longer a personal pack, but a community pack where suggestions for vehicle sounds, or providing your own sounds is much appreciate. I listen to all of your feedback, and make sure I regularly update the pack usually after every game update. This pack is the biggest collection of sounds for official vehicles and unofficial vehicle mods.
    Supported Vehicles
    Supported Mods
    Before Version 1.0
    Version 1.0
    Version 3.0
    Version 4.0
    Version 5.0
    Version 6.0
    Version 9.0
    Version 10.0
    Version 11.0
    Version 12.0
    The version numbers indicate when the sound was added to the pack. Every version after that will include those sounds, unless stated otherwise.

    Any mods that don't have their own category in the vehicle selector will use the sounds of the vehicle category it is in.

    *ETK S-Series sound was removed as of version 8.0, but has been brought back in version 9.0.

    **2015-17 Ford Mustang latest update has its own sounds now.

    Do NOT write a review that mentions any bugs or glitches as the main topic. Any bugs, or glitches, please put them in the discussion tab, or PM me.

    Do not ask for a video. Due to the size, continual changing, and modifying of sounds in this pack, I can't provide a video to preview of the vehicle sounds. I am very sorry for this.

    Any suggestions can be left in the discussion tab, in my mod's group, or sent as a PM.

Recent Updates

  1. Update 12.0

Recent Reviews

  1. Jonny Crash
    Jonny Crash
    Version: 12.0
    This is great! but can you make it so you can toggle what vehicles have the updated sounds and what dont? (maybe a UI app or something like that)
  2. J777
    Version: 12.0
    Sounds are good but I only want the sounds for the ETK S series and the 1999 Ford Crown Vic but every time I delete the other files those two are silent please tell me how to do it correctly
    1. Gamer Alex (AlexKVideos1)
      Author's Response
      Some vehicles rely on sounds that are located in other vehicle folders, so I suggest to just delete the .jbeam files from the vehicle folders, and leave all the sounds.
  3. Derpitron
    Version: 12.0
    I like the sounds, but is there a way to have the sound only for some vehicles e.g Gavril Bandit, not ETK S-Series?
    1. Gamer Alex (AlexKVideos1)
      Author's Response
      You can delete the vehicle folders in the zip file to get rid of the sound effects for any vehicle you want.
  4. CDRGuy
    Version: 12.0
    I think the sounds are alright. For me there isn't a whole lot of detail on the rpm spectrum . Some sounds don't really match the car (Ex. bandit), screeching nascar V8 sound from a small block V8?
  5. Tronadorous
    Version: 12.0
    Sound quality is very low, sounds rather poor for each vehicle in game. Fmod method with multiple audio samples would be preferred rather than using the old sbeam method. Single audio files do not make for good rpm detail range. Finally, not providing a video showcase of some of the sounds you've made, with the excuses you've made, is simply not good enough or acceptable. I spend dozens of hours on my mods to make them sound right, if i need to upload 8 different video iterations of that sound to show progress/changes then I will. Just some feedback, try different methods and you'll get better audio.
    1. Gamer Alex (AlexKVideos1)
      Author's Response
      The only reason why I don't do the FMOD method is because I don't want to override the engine files. If those engines get updated, then my old files would mess it up, making it more of a hassle to get everything updated. Now I could do use that sound selector mod like you use for your sound mods, but I want the sounds to work right out of the gate, no selection or changing engines necessary. Of course that will come with its downsides where all the engines will sound the same for that particular vehicle.

      Now for the audio itself, there definitely are many with single audio files, and I don't think I'll be changing that. Not because I'm lazy or making excuses, but for me, many of those sound fine, and I don't see a reason that I should change it. And if you don't think they sound good, then ok, we are all entitled to our own opinion.

      I could definitely do a video, I'll keep that in mind.
  6. In_Whiskey
    Version: 11.0
    This mod is terrible, the sounds and the scripting is bad.
  7. Any Name You Wish
    Any Name You Wish
    Version: 11.0
    This mod is a must!

    Great work!

    I have over 300 mods downloaded and it still works, so luckily no mod conflictions for me :)
  8. DankMemeBunny
    Version: 11.0
    The sounds are good! But there's a major issue were it goes over other engine sound mods I like to use. Are you using the old SBEAM way? And secondly the idle of engines are perfect volume but anything over idle is very quiet.
    1. Gamer Alex (AlexKVideos1)
      Author's Response
      The issue with overlapping sounds is due to BeamNG, nothing I can do about that. Yes, it is because I use the .sbeam files, since there could be compatibility issues if I used the engine files to define the sounds.

      If those engine files are changed, from the mod creator, or BeamNG devs, my mod will override these changes with the previous engine files I modified.

      This leads to a ton of reworking to update the mod that I don't have time for. If the sounds overlap, then delete those particular .sbeam files from my mod.

      I'm glad you mentioned this so people don't make the same mistake of rating my mod poorly because of a issue with BeamNG.drive, and not the mod itself.
  9. RecklessRodeo
    Version: 11.0
    This mod is absolutely awesome! It really helps me out with old mods with no sounds such as the Bandit.
  10. mowens07 Gaming
    mowens07 Gaming
    Version: 11.0
    *clicc* Noice
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