TX120 Drophead 2.0

It is a drop head coupe of a luxury sedan!

  1. taa
    The TX120 DropHead is a British-style luxury sedan drophead coupe.
    The roof is openable and the interior is made of white leather and is equipped with a handmade interior.
    This vehicle is perfect for riches who want to show their individuality and for old people who don't have the physical strength to open the door but have abundant assets.
    It also has a huge navigation system so you won't get lost.
    screenshot_2022-05-29_23-53-43.png screenshot_2022-05-29_23-54-12.png screenshot_2022-05-29_23-54-25.png screenshot_2022-05-29_23-55-21.png screenshot_2022-05-29_23-55-42.png screenshot_2022-05-29_23-57-49.png

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  1. TX120 DropHead

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  1. GTTR__2013
    Version: 2.0
    love it
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