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Truck Killer: Hot Wheels Edition 1.0

The original Truck Killer masterpiece

  1. Tubernaut
    The first of it's kind, the Truck Killer: Hot Wheels Edition track is a World Finals style track designed to test your ability as a driver. Your truck will be put to the ultimate test against some of the most intense ramp combinations designed.

    Track designed and built by: Cameron Becker (Tubernaut)

    Default Vehicle (1)
    Crush Car (4)
    Tanker (1)
    Bus (1)

    Special thanks to KdubSSU for helping me understand track building and painting. If not for him these tracks would not be here!


    1. TKHW1.jpg
    2. TKHW2.jpg
    3. TKHW3.jpg
    4. TKHW5.jpg
    5. TKHW6.jpg
    6. TKHW7.jpg
    7. tkhw8.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. william coonse
    william coonse
    Version: 1.0
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