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Truck Killer: Bio Hazard (FPS) 1.0

Monster sized toxic waste dump, but FPS smoother

  1. Tubernaut
    Just like Truck Killer: BIO HAZARD but this version is a little more friendly to computers. No crushable vehicles on this map and ramps are modified to replace what would've been a car stack or bus jump.

    Note: This is not guaranteed to fix lag or make it instantly quicker. If you still have FPS issues then unfortunately you need to upgrade your hardware

    Default Vehicle (1)

    Track designed and Painted by: Cameron Becker (Tubernaut)
    Effects and Cosmetics: Jedipresence
    Bridgeport Speedway: Maxdman @Sim_Monsters


    1. BH1.jpg
    2. BH2.jpg
    3. BH3.jpg
    4. BH4.jpg
    5. BH5.jpg
    6. BH6.jpg
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