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Truck Killer: Apollo 1.0

Gravity defying monster truck racing

  1. Tubernaut
    Kennedy Space Center's most unusual but beneficial mission yet... putting monster trucks on the moon! The logic makes absolutely no sense but who cares it makes just enough sense to look past the logic. Truck Killer: Apollo has the most unique racing track yet, replicating Monster Jam's San Antonio 2011.

    Defualt Vehicle (1)
    Van (3)
    Bus (2)
    Box Truck (1)
    Crush Car (1)
    Camper (1)

    Track and Paint design: Cameron Becker (Tubernaut)


    1. TKA1.png
    2. TKA2.png
    3. TKA3.png
    4. TKA4.png
    5. TKA5.png
    6. TKA6.png
    7. TKA7.png
    8. TKA8.png
    9. TKA9.png
    10. TKA10.png

Recent Reviews

  1. SnakePlayz
    Version: 1.0
    Moon Monsters!
  2. gameboy3800
    Version: 1.0
    moon landings are fun!
  3. retromosquito
    Version: 1.0
    10/10 as always, keep it up :D
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