Beta Trailerpack 0.4.0

Various trailers for the towhitch, heavy duty reveiver and gooseneck

  1. Fixes

    screenshot_2020-05-26_19-03-09.jpg screenshot_2020-05-26_21-38-14.jpg

    The Jbeams still seem to have the quality like I've made them when I started modding. Oh well, most are now patched and functional.
    • added a pickup config with gooseneck ("D35 V8 4WD Extended Cab Gooseneck (A)")
    • strengtened the gooseneck jbeams
    • added a gooseneck for the stepside and the 'short' bed (D10 etc)
    • moved the gooseneck jbeam and flexbody from the common to the pickup folder
    • moved the gooseneck hitch of the trailers a bit forward to increase the clearance a bit
    • added a proper offroad suspension for the caravan (and a taller tongue jack)
    • updated a lot of wheels
    • patched the haybale wagon front suspension, it doesn't collapse that easy anymore
    • updated the ramps
    • updated the edges, also made them taller to prevent catching bumpers and wheels (still possible, careful!)
    • widened the rotatable car hauler a bit (5cm on each side, so by 10cm)
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