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Outdated TopSpeed Race Ring 1.0

from mother russia

  1. RetrO_TyT
    new map. Early release. There will be updates in the future. Have fun. Happy Halloween. After Halloween, wait for the update. I'll fill you up
    новая карта. Ранний релиз. В будущем будут обновления. Наслаждайтесь. Счастливого Хеллоуина. После Хеллоуина ждите обновления. Я вас ими завалю

    461708-7433c9962af9745182546baadf87ee2d.png 461709-cd25164ea5ec047a1f9f7a426518f0b2.png 461710-f4ed4a6eac020c326d585ed44c61d760.png 461711-85a709b6f9be3c53d3c6e9e32099811e.png screenshot_00112.png screenshot_00115.png prev.png

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  1. Ho-Ho-Ho

Recent Reviews

  1. Aerohead1999
    Good looking map, The only problem i have so far if so, Is The snow flurries
    Are making it weird to drive, slow it down. but other than that great.
  2. Carlover1108
    Version: 0.05
    Cheeki breeki
  3. ZealousPlum
    Version: 0.05
    Race track was not very smooth, but the corners and elevation changes were fun. The hills need smoothing and some of the corners are hard to take at high speed. Dirt track was fun for a little while, but it's very tough on rally and light offroad cars.
    1. RetrO_TyT
      Author's Response
      well, you know that this is not the latest version of the mod. I do not like spoilers, but you will like the rally ;D
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