Beta Time Trial Toolbox (Drift TT) 0.9

A small level with a large skidpan for running and creating time trials events.

  1. Added 'Base' time trial

    Added 'Base' time trial for users to use as a canvas for making their own layouts.

    I am making a tutorial video on my YouTube channel explaining how to make your own layouts.
  2. Config 4

    Added a fourth config.


    1. config4.jpg
  3. Config 3 fixes

    Slightly adjusted one of the straights that was was too straight
    Fixed the mission .json to read the correct amount of waypoints
  4. Config 2

    Added a second config that is a circuit designed by me.


    1. config2.jpg
  5. Config 3

    Added Config 3 based on a kart track


    1. config3.jpg
    2. drifttrack.jpg
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