Experimental The Vic Laguna V16 1.0

Your regular boat-like wagon, except it has a 4.6 liter V16 inside.

  1. Vicalutamide
    I made this fun boaty wagon that has 4.6 liter V16 in it mainly to test the V16 engine in BeamNG. The engine revs up to 12,000 RPM (because it can) has a peak power of about 500 kW at 9,900 RPM and 550 N.m of torque at 7,200 RPM. The engine is an absolute paperweight in the bonnet so the car interior wa made very heavy to balance out the weight. The car comes in at exactly 2,013 kg (2 tons). It also has all-wheel drive.

    Here is a picture of the engine :

    It is kind of slow though.
    Anyway, see this more as a test.
    (And yes, it looks goofy.)
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