Beta The Realistic Derby Project - Demolition Derby Mod 1.2.0

A realistic demolition derby mod built by a real life derby driver.

  1. Grand Marshal Update

    This update is being pushed out a little early because I am moving across the country next week. See my post in the discussion thread for my list of known issues/bugs. Happy crashing

    Grand Marshal
    - Reworked Limited Weld frame and body strength and deformation (C pillars, rear quarters, trunk, front frame regions adjusted)
    - Added creased body
    - Added new 3 rear bumper variants
    - Added cage
    - Added rear window bar
    - Added BlackFlag Designs roofsign
    - Added plated drivers door
    - Added 2 new...
  2. Burnside Update

    Universal changes
    - NEW built in compatibility with Fairgrounds Demolition Derby Mod (on their next update)
    - Edge Split all 3D models, texture updates
    - Added .json files
    - Updated all vehicle configs

    Burnside Changes
    - Misc. strength adjustments and tweaks
    - Cleaned up .dae file
    - Fixed trunk "welding"
    - Improved how trunk rolls in
    - Added 4 new trunk variants
    - Added trimmed finders
    - Added creased fenders and body
    - Added front bumper straps
    - Added Painted front bumper
    - Added Cage...
  3. Bug Fixes

    - Removed file affecting original moonhawk models
    - Temporary fix for burnside headers sometimes not showing up
    - vehicle presets should now show up
  4. File Cleanup v1.0.1

    Cleaned up .dae files
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