Thanebar Illumination 300 and 40 1.0

Even has Skins!

  1. Thane
    I, Together with Kemro, present you Beamville PD, Thanebar Illumination Series 300 and 400, And EU Police.


    -Unique, modern, two colored LED-Lightbar made for me by Kemro.
    -10 Patterns for the Lightbar, Additional lighting only for the Bastion.
    -14 New Skins, 4 EU Police and 10 Beamville PD Skins.


    The Lightbar was made by Kemro in Commission of me. It features two Version, 300 is a Red-Blue and 400 is a full Blue Lightbar. Each has around 10 Patterns, and the Bastion even has Additional lightings.
    Thanks to several Servermembers of BNGF for suggestion the Name.

    Beamville Police Department is a Rochester Police, New York inspired fictional Department, featuring Skins for the ETK 800, ETK K, Gavril Grand Marshall, Gavril Roamer, Bruckell Bastion, SBR 4 and Ford Crown Victoria.
    Several Vehicles have multiple Skins, refering to the thought of Different Unit "Classes", similar to NFS Games have them.

    European Union Police, or EU Police, is a fictonal, nothing inspired Livery for a Thought I had. Somewhere in the BeamNG Universe the EU decided to establish a International Police Force, that works similar to the German Bundespolizei or French Gendermarie. It protects important Public Buildings, most importantly the EU Parlament in BrĂ¼ssel.

    Some Pictures of the Lightbar and Skins:

    Illumination 400

    Illumination 300

    Beamville Police Department


    European Union Police:



    I hope you enjoy this Lightbar, Special and Many thanks to Kemro for making, and Lewhik for testing it!

    Tell me your thoughts if you guys want. Also I made a small Story featuring the BVPD: (148) Hit and Chase - A Short Story - YouTube

Recent Reviews

  1. LoneWolf127
    Version: 1.0
    Great skin and mod pack! One thing I did notice, the Crown Vic doesn't have the Thanebar, it's just the normal blue light bar, and do you think it could be possible to add more LED's to the rest of the vehicles? I feel like they are a little bland compared to the Bastion.
    1. Thane
      Author's Response
      Yeah, I know. I asked Kemro about it, I'll see if it maybe is possible.
  2. Tenente Otaku 112
    Tenente Otaku 112
    Version: 1.0
    Fancy! good job mate!
    1. Thane
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much
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