Beta Terrain Rover/ High Output/ V8 4x4 1.1

Soft Suspension, & Low RPM Power for Crawling

  1. Matt Cook

    Map: ToughTruckMap

    A versatile off road SUV with a premium tuned V8/ 4x4,
    low rpm lugging power up to (1044 lb-ft Torque @ 1800 RPMs )/ 710 HP Max
    quick throttle response
    Lock differentials before Offroading.
    Drives good on roads as well.
    A very quiet vehicle with tons of pulling power guaranteed.
    Does best in high range everywhere, due to it's high low end torque.
    You can use low range, but I find it wants to spin the wheels. That's why high range is the way to go here. (LOCK THE DIFFS)
    Pressure sensitive controls recommended, but not mandatory.


    1. BeamNGdriveScreenshot20180813-13421039.png
    2. BeamNGdriveScreenshot20180813-13422162.png
    3. BeamNGdriveScreenshot20180813-13423246.png
    4. DesktopScreenshot20180813-12481608.png
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