TazzNet Ultum UXV Performance Coupe 1.0

A challenging, 10L V12, 1,000HP-having, AWD supercoupe

  1. akrazytazz
    *Thanks for the generally positive feedback and downloads for my cars! I made them years ago and wanted to give them all new looks and tunes, and most importantly share them with the world. I am so glad you like them, and so here's the lineup so far! I need to come up with some new ideas so more to come later on :)*

    Sorry about the possibly tiny images, works best in-game!

    ~TazzNet Motor Company~

    *NOTE: My cars are not meant to be crazy realistic but rather 'arcade' cars.*


    The Ultum UXV Performance Coupe is an AWD GT Premium/Muscle Premium/Hyper/Super car that seats 2(+2), has a 10L twin turbo V12 making 1,080.9HP/937.2Tq, spins up to 7,200 RPM and gets 21.4MPG. Weighs 4,666Lbs. Fun for (carefully) driving around various racetracks or comfortably getting up to a max speed of 240MPH. It can take corners slightly slower than your instincts will tell you, but once all the power gets to the ground it takes off (if you can keep it grounded, that is). Good for chases (as the chaser), drag races and for those wanting that power delivery coupled to an aggressive sound and styling.

    The Ultum comes in 1 variation right now, as I'd like to polish up the handling before I copy the data over to the next project. This is currently the most powerful car TazzNet has produced!
    This is the Ultum Cross Vehicle (UXV), priced at $149,000

    If you would like to use my cars for anything just shoot me a message and we can talk about it! :)
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