TazzNet Inum Personal Sport+ Coupe 1.0

A fun, light, inline 6 AWD coupe making 546.9HP and 30.7MPG!

  1. akrazytazz
    *NOTE: My cars are not meant to be crazy realistic but rather 'arcade' cars.*


    The Inum Personal Sport+ Coupe is an AWD Light Sport Premium/Sport/Muscle car that seats 2, has the same 4.0L turbo I6 as the base model, but with a more aggressive camshaft swapped in and better fuel tuning bringing the power up to 546.9HP/423.9Tq, all in the top end of around 7,200RPM. Gets an efficient 30.7MPG and weighs 4,002Lbs. Fun for doing AWD sporty things or comfortably getting up to a max speed of around 200MPH (improved 0-60 of 4.5 sec, sequential 7-speed gearbox, and gear spacing/aero changes). It can take corners 'fairly' well, good for chases and for those wanting that steady power climb through high RPM, and some downforce pushing on the rear. Looks good in orange and now has skirts all around as well as vented disc brakes.

    The Inum comes in 3(?) variations, which are still in the works.
    This is the Sport+ I6 version, priced at $49,600. (only $200 more than the proof-of-concept base version!)

    If you would like to use my cars for anything just shoot me a message and we can talk about it! :)
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