Tamiya Corona Station Wagon 1D

Plastic-bumpered Volvo-killer family wagon

  1. G-Farce
    A mere 118hp to the rear, you say? Don't fool yourself. It just hops and skipps over tarmac. A true Volvo competitor! Under the hood sits a mighty fine 4cyl engine, its refined and balanced to a fever dream, coupled with short gearing on a 5 speed manual. This commuter is a bonafide rocket on wheels! All terrain tires, rear swaybar delete, leafs in the back, it's a good time.

    upload_2021-7-26_11-1-15.png upload_2021-7-26_11-1-33.png upload_2021-7-26_11-2-48.png
    *iamges do not represent all updated specifications

    Somewhat a rosy passion project homage to an old family car. Turned out pretty neat if I say so! This is technically revision 3 of the project, but was a total quickie in comparison to the HSV GTSR. Haven't gotten round to uploading till now. Drives just beautifully and looks the part of a mint 80s japanese wagon with some familiar styling cues. Take yours home today!
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