Talon Punisher Black Snake 1.2

small v8 muscle car

  1. trm7
    The talon punisher was a small muscle car made by talon from 1965 to 1980, in 1974 they made one last special black snake version as they would have to cancel the v8 because of the oil crisis. then in 1975 the only engine option was a 60 hp inline 4 because of that the talon punisher's sales dropped and it was eventually discontinued in 1980, and wouldn't be brought back until 2012.

    Note: the inline 4 version is uploaded as a separate mod


    New update broke the mod don't download this will probably never be fixed as I am done with trying to upload automation cars so there will wont be anymore cars made by me. unless im extremely bored and have nothing better to do. I might fix it / make it look better at later point if I feel like it as this is my best automation car

Recent Updates

  1. both car versions now in one mod
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