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T-Series H-pattern Shift Logic 12M 1.0

Shift low and high gears using an 8-way H-shifter

    This mod provides an altered function inside the
    shift pattern of an 8-way H-shifter.

    Do you own an 8-way H-shifter ? And do you have a
    fascination or a specific interest in the T-series
    or other trucks that are available for BeamNG ?
    Then this mod might be useful to you ! :)

    If you have/had experience in real life driving heavy
    trucks ( like I did ) or you have a special interest
    for them you might know that there are a few different
    systems that allow the use of multiple gears while using
    the gear stick. For more immersion and especially for
    more control I have found a way to replicate (simulate)
    one of those systems. This mod for the T-series allows
    an 8-way (7 + R) gear shifter to use the position of
    the 7th gear to act as a switch between low gear shift
    and high gear shift. What does that mean ? It means
    that for the first 6 gears of the T-series 12M gearbox
    you just use the six gear positions available on your
    H-shifter. Then, when it's time to shift to 7th or
    higher, you use the 7th gear position to switch from
    the low shift positions to the high shift positions.
    So, gear position 1 becomes gear position 7, 2 becomes
    8, 3 becomes 9, 4 becomes 10, 5 becomes 11 and 6 becomes
    12. When it's time to shift down to lower gears again
    you shift to the 7th gear position again to switch to
    low shift gearing and 1 is 1 again, 2 is 2 and so on...

    Many real life older types of heavy truck transmissions
    do this by moving the stick to the far left and right
    when it's in neutral position. But as far as I know the
    Thrustmaster TH8A (or other H-shifters) has no sensors
    in the neutral position. Therefore I came to the idea
    to use the 7th position for the task.

    I have tested the system using my Thrustmaster TH8A and
    it seems to work flawlessly, so using the keyboard for
    shifting still works, overrides H-shifter shifting, and
    isn't affected by the 7th gear position switch. This means
    that if you just want to shift using the keyboard all works
    as it should. This also means that if you reverse and you
    want to shift to the 2nd reverse gear you can just use
    the keyboard for this while the H-shifter is in reverse.

    In other words, the system works flawlessly and is a
    great mean to allow for extra control on the T-series.

    This mod is easily transformable to other vehicles, such
    as Kamaz or Heavy Utility Truck maybe, or any other vehicle
    the user wishes it to be applied on. Although I currently
    assigned this mod to the T-series exclusive. The mod is
    tested with other T-series mods installed on the game and
    shows no conflicts. Also, this mod cancels the reverse
    signal for more comfortable 'long duration manouevres'.

    On the demo the H-shifter is used exclusively and two of
    the most popular T-series mods are used in combination
    with my mod. There seems to be a glitch in the replay
    system blocking the readouts from the speed and gear apps.
    The first vid is recorded live though.

    demo a

    demo b (replay)

    Installation instructions : Put .zip file in the mods folder


    1. T_series_H_pattern_shift_logic.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Trombepis
    Version: 1.0
    Very nice mod, I've wanted a nice solution to the 12 speed shifting. There is one problem, this mod is disabling the other vehicle specific controls for the t-series. I also noticed that when you're using the high range, it briefly goes into the lower range gear before going into the correct one, so I have to wait a little longer on the clutch. I understand the gears thing may be unavoidable on your end, and it isn't much of a problem
  2. androx
    Version: 1.0
    This makes the T-Series a lot easier to shift and drive! Thanks!
    1. NOCARGO
      Author's Response
      Very welcome ! Yeah I like it just as much :)
  3. FS16
    Version: 1.0
    this honestly should be in the base game
    1. NOCARGO
      Author's Response
      ◄ Like ►
  4. Dill Cooper
    Dill Cooper
    Version: 1.0
    im reviewing to ask, does it work with a 6 speed shifter
    1. NOCARGO
  5. den_chik
    Version: 1.0
    Perfecto! Works very good with 6-gear shifter. Must have in stock!
    1. NOCARGO
      Author's Response
      Thank you :)
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