Suspicious/Sketchy License Plate Pack 1.0

Rusty Plates, Temp Tags, Fake Plates - For when you can't be bothered to get a legit registration

  1. Derp_de_Herp've just bought a used car. Or, maybe your plates got stolen. Perhaps, you've just stolen a car. It could even be just that your registration or insurance expired and you can't deal with it, whether due to financial hardship or just laziness. So, how're ya gonna get home, or wherever it is you're going?

    If you got a big brain like me, you'd've bought some eBay plates or junkyard plates to slap onto your car so you can drive home - in your newly-acquired whip, if that's the case - and elsewhere without worrying about looking sus for having no plates, or speed cameras, or cashless tolling - at least that is, until you get caught.

    So...don't get caught! And, if you don't wanna get caught, definitely don't use these plates, which are undoubtedly the fishiest plates you could ever use in both BeamNG AND in real life!

    Honestly, even though some of these ain't too bad-lookin', going without plates could be better than using the other some of these plates because fake plates are a worse offense than no plates. If any cop gets a decent-enough glance of a plate issued by heaven, you bet your ass they're gonna follow you until you commit the tiniest traffic offense to pull you over and absolutely violate you.

    Don't believe me? Just take a gander at what my mod offers:

    • NJ Temporary Tag (wrong VIN number included!)
    • Rusty Old California Plate
    • "Republic of Alabama" plate (with and without stickers!)

    and last, but certainly not least:
    • "Embassy of Heaven" and "Kingdom of Heaven" plates!
    all with algorithms I made to ensure properly-generated plate text to match the real-life plates!

    *By the way, these are all based on plates that actually have have been spotted IN REAL LIFE:


    Now, instead of being suspicious in real life, you can be suspicious in BeamNG!

    So what are you waiting for!? Download today, and maybe end up in jail tomorrow!!!

    *By the way, this mod goes very well with my Frankenstein Pessima mod!

Recent Reviews

  1. cheapasian
    Version: 1.0
    like the temp tag
    1. Derp_de_Herp
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Bogus temp tags are very commonly used by car dealers - usually used car dealers - to park otherwise unregistered cars on the street for extended periods of time so as to save space on their lot. Easiest way to drive a newly-bought car legally in NY is to go to a dealer and buy a Jersey 30 temp tag - you don't even need insurance! It's always a ripoff tho, it costs 5 dollars to the dealer and the starting prices as seen on craigslist ads are usually $100 or at LEAST $60!
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