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Beta Stronk D Series Driveshafts mod 0.18.1

Stronk Shafts for Stronk engines

  1. crashmaster
    This mod adds Stronger driveshafts for every driveshaft available for the d series.

    You can now spin all 4 42" wheels with a supercharger and nothing will break or stop you from doing crazy thing with crazy horsepower.

    This is simply a parts mod. You need to change the driveshafts yourself in the part selector to have the StronkDriveshafts.

    Beamng Team for official driveshafts parts
    Me for changing a few values in the jbeam.

    Hope you enjoy :D

Recent Reviews

  1. Divepunk
    Version: 0.18.1
    Good, but needs a bit of work. I got this mod to have unbreakable driveshafts, though I managed to break both driveshafts at once (Might just take a look at the Stronk driveshaft Jbeam myself, see if I can make it not break under extreme circumstances).

    Now how did I possibly break the driveshafts(what "extreme circumstance")? Well(,In a (4529lb, D10 ), just before a wall @ about 150MPH I paused maxed out the gravity, the truck slammed to the ground and wall and front and rear driveshaft broke.

    So I give 4 out of 5 stars as I expected the driveshafts to be invincible with the boasts of this mod I expect my vehicle to still be able to put down torque no matter how much power, or damage she has.
    1. crashmaster
      Author's Response
      I mean.. i totally understand what you mean.
      This is a "strong" driveshaft mod, not indestructible.
      But i, and you, could easily open the jbeam and change the beamstrength values to "FLT_MAX" and it will make the driveshafts indestructible.
  2. José Augusto
    José Augusto
    Version: 0.18.1
    gud and stronk
  3. ricerhater
    Version: 0.18.1
    very stronk and good
  4. 711GAMING
    Version: 0.18.1
    very stronk
  5. Traxxas_Master
    Version: 0.18.1
    love things that are stronks.
  6. pathmada
    Version: 0.18.1
    this mod is something ive been wanting for a very long time, thank you for making this, though would it be possible to also include a stronger entire rear suspension and axle? because now i have a driveshaft strong enough to handle the torque from my towing truck, ive encountered a new problem: https://i.imgur.com/Ow6nI5r.png
  7. truckboi
    Version: 0.18.1
    10/10 would use this mod again
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