SOR Zero Drive 1.3

The perfect combination of performance and mileage

  1. trooperthegreat
    Photo18.png Photo19.png
    This is the SOR Zero Drive (ZD), it is the definition of perfect balance.
    It is powered by our EPR (eco performance and race) V6 biturbo engine.
    Its makes 510HP @7,900rpm and 430 lb of torque @5,300rpm.

    It is also testing our new AWD system that is still in development. It is connected by a 7 speed dual-clutch and has a top speed of 200+ mph.
    Now we here at SOR listen to our buyers and investors, and have been hearing that sportiness comes at a cost, fuel consumption. So we thought to ourselves about how we could fix that, then we remembered the EPR engine!
    We put that in, after a quick stop to the fridge for some Clang Cola, and now you can get almost 24mpg! We hope you leave feedback if you find a problem with the new ZD.

    Thank you for choosing SOR.

    (a electric version was underdevelopment but our prototype caught fire and burned the building down so we have dumped it for now. If you want to see a electric version give us a rating and say if you would or not!)

Recent Reviews

  1. ToyotaCelica2000gt
    Version: 1.3
    Handles very nicely
    1. trooperthegreat
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the five stars!
      And yes we have tuned this car to perfection!Nothing but the best at SOR
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