Unsupported Short Hassles - Utah 01

1 or 2 checkpoints each. Very difficult.

  1. torsion
    Note: This mod depends on bnse. Please ensure that is installed before reporting issues.

    A pack of very small scenarios for Utah. All three of these scenarios feature above average difficulty and few waypoints (from 1 to 2 waypoints each). In order to allow faster retries this mod currently relies on BNSE for instant, resettable checkpoints.

    • Superman Stuff
    • Lateral Move
    • Knuckle Buster

    • Reset vehicle (default: R) - reset vehicle to last checkpoint and continue.
    • Reload vehicle (default: CTRL + R) - restart the scenario.

    *** Known issues: The scenarios currently lack preview images. ***


    1. 20160824225129_1.jpg
    2. screenshot_00364.png
    3. screenshot_00349.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. Levy3Poop
    Version: 01
    I like the creativity of this scenario pack. I was actually able to complete the second one in 19 seconds :) I could NOT complete Superman or Knuckle Buster though.

    If you want a cool, REALLY CHALLENGING, off road scenario pack, get this!
  2. purerocket
    Version: 01
    good job very fun!
    1. torsion
      Author's Response
      Thanks! If you got stuck on anything or have suggestions to improve the hints, please click over to the "Discussion" tab and let me know.
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