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Scout Start! 1.0

Small economy car made by ETK, but was rebadged by another company from the Czech Republic.

    It has a 999cc (1.0L) inline 3 engine with 60hp.
    It can get up to 45mpg (possibly more) if you're driving sensibly. (Which you probably aren't going to be)

    If you haven't figured yet, it's based on a Volkswagen Up! or a Seat Mii or a Skoda Citigo. They're all the same really.

    screenshot_2019-06-27_00-01-25.png screenshot_2019-06-27_00-01-45.png screenshot_2019-06-27_00-01-58.png

    Scout Start! vs VW Up!

Recent Reviews

  1. PabloMM
    Version: 1.0
    wow, good job!
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