[ Scintilla + V8 Diesel] RK's Highly Customizable Engines (12 Enginestypes!) 3.3.0

The Most Customizable Engines on the Forum! Now even better!

  1. Scintilla update + Buggfix


    - Fixed F4 not working on the bolide
    - Added all engines to the Scintilla
  2. V8 Diesel Engine Update! (Need feedback)


    - Added 0.8, 0.66 and 0.55 Engineblocks for I3 Engine
    - Added V8 Diesel Engine
    - Added Diesel Tanks for cars who didn't have it (over 20..)
    - Fixed Turbo always add backfire

    If you have any feedback for the torque curves, please write it in the disscusion thread. :)
  3. Deactivated bug fix attempt

    -Changed one line in the Info.json

    I pray that it finally fixes the bug xD
  4. Hopefully fixing Repository deactivating bugg

    -Trying again to fix the Repository bugg which deactivates the mod automaticly all the time.
  5. Low and High Boost map! Bug fixes and requests :)


    - Fixed ETK 800/K models and exhaust not showing up/working
    - Fixed 2.7L V6 spawning with a 3.0 Block
    - Fixed Boost Pipe equipped on a NA car
    - Fixed Legran exhaust not working and muffler missing
    - Fixed Covet exhaust not working and header model missing
    - Fixed Oillines not choosing automaticly
    - Added inerta and friction slider to the variable ecu's
    - Added Variable VTEC
    - Added Low boost map for turbo (under ECU)
    To use it: Choose the ECU with Addon slot, then choose...
  6. Fixed Turbo


    - Fixed Turbo oillines not showing up on the turbo
  7. Biggest Update! 5 New Engines! 7 New Turbos! Bug Fixes!


    - Fixed Burnside I6 not showing up
    - Fixed Burnside I4 having I5 sound
    - Fixed I4 doesnt have Valve's
    - Fixed Roamer I6 not showing up
    - Fixed ETK K exhaust not showing update
    - Changed Bolide Race exhaust
    - Added Race Muffler to Bastion
    - Added 1.6L Block to I4
    - Added two I4 Sounds (changeable at the crankshaft)

    New Engines:
    - Added I3 with 2 sounds (changeable at the crankshaft)
    - Added F4
    - Added F6
    - Added V10
    - Added V16
    New Turbos:
    - Big Single Turbo
    - Even...
  8. Bastion and T-Series Update!


    - Added all engines to the Bastion
    - Added all engines to the T-Series
    - Fixed engine not showing up on Bolide
    - Fixed missing engine texture on the new Pessima
    - Fixed v12 engine not working on Burnside Special
    - Fixed missing engine mounts on ETK I and ETK800
  9. Trying to fix the mod deactivation

    Just a try to fix the deactivated mod after game restart

    Can't promise this fixes it.
  10. Fixed Bug Turbos didn't show up


    - Fixed Turbos not showing up
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