1. Rumble (Sunburst)
    "Sunburst Automotive was founded by Rumble and Apollo in 1880. The members of Sunburst Automotive are constantly working to pull out the best cars in the automotive industry. The result of this determination is the Sunburst High Detail series. All vehicles from this series are created with an obsession for detail mindset, both in design and engineering. All vehicles from this series will feature detailed and functional interiors

    This car was fully designed by OME and J-beam designed and engineered by Rumble.

    Also huge thanks to JustOli for letting us use his code for the working gauges and steering wheel

    Check out one of his resources here: https://www.beamng.com/resources/bensinger-ibex.16592/

    MAKE: Sunburst Automotive Transport Vehicles (SAT)

    MODEL: 1707

    MODEL LIFESPAN: 1982 - 2009

    The Sunburst Automotives Transports 1707 bus model was made with civilian comfort in mind. In some cases, these busses will be taken on highways and long trips that require citizens to feel coMfortable. So the gearbox was tuned to also be usable on highways aswell, same for the engine here.

    Full specs list:

    • A big powerfull Diesel Inline 6 engine producing 212HP
    • RWD Drivetrain
    • TOP SPEED OF 120 KMH / 70 MPH

    The 1707 replaced the ageing 1655 first launched in 1965. It finally brought the local public transport in the present, being engineered for both reliability and durability it had a life span of over 27 years and was also a moderately successful export.

    It featured a spartan but functional and comfortable interior


    "Sunburst... memories that last forever"

    You can get the 1707 for 30,000(VAT Included)

    (You can join our community here: [URL]https://discord.gg/dqzKpDGYCY[/URL])

    (Thank you for getting this far, drive safe :D)

Recent Reviews

  1. Hank_Montgomery
    Version: B2.0
    Not bad, I just wish the engine was stronger
  2. IDK158
    Version: B2.0
  3. AlexDig
    Version: B2.0
    Hello. I tested this car and there's my conclusion about this car:
    It's a very well crafted vehicle. Maybe it's not quick at all, but it has nice handling. And honestly that's all you need for this kind of vehicles. The best part of this car is surely interior and exterior, which are done well.
    1. Rumble (Sunburst)
      Author's Response
      I dont even know why you bothered to test the speed in the first place, thanks for the review
  4. theLV2
    Version: B2.0
    One of the most creative and well designed vehicles on this site.
    1. Rumble (Sunburst)
      Author's Response
      Hey, Thank you for your honest review! Me and OME spent quite some time into perfecting it and me experimenting with Jbeaming! Again, thanks for the review!
  5. PowerstrokeHD
    Version: B2.0
    are you able to use this in the bus routes mode?
    1. Rumble (Sunburst)
      Author's Response
      Sadly no, but once we figure out how to make openable doors I will make sure to also try to make it able to do bus routes! Thanks for the review!
  6. Snowmaster
    Version: 1.0
    It's the best bus but is it so small in reallife
    1. Rumble (Sunburst)
      Author's Response
      Hey, thank you for your honest review and honestly I dont know how it would look in real life, all I know is that it would be a dream for Romanian to have even in modern day.

      Thank you for your review and have an amazing day
  7. PommesPanzer
    Version: 1.0
    1. Rumble (Sunburst)
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much for your rating!
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